President's Message: September 2019

Sam Catania's picture

Hey, PA-TSA! I hope everyone had an excellent summer and are having a great transition into the new school year. While TSA season might just be warming up for you now, the State Officer Team has been working hard all summer and we’ve made huge strides on some exciting initiatives!

Headed by your Treasurer Evan Grove, we’ll be starting a new affordable clothing initiative this year that will allow members to donate their old TSA attire when they graduate! Of course, we’ll make sure to give the clothing a good wash before we resell it and you’ll be able to buy refurbished clothing at conferences in the coming years! We hope this will help with one of our overarching goals as a team: to make the incredible organization TSA is accessible to as many students as possible!

We’ve also formed a new “Bylaw and Resolution Review” Committee that will enable members to become more involved in the bylaw amendment process and become engaged with the future shaping of our organization. Furthermore, the team changed the previous “Corporate Outreach” committee to simply the “Outreach” committee, which will now focus on reaching out to other state delegations, the National organization, and higher ed. institutions in addition to just corporations.

At the annual summer board meeting, our team also expressed interest in expanding our use of surveys and town hall events, improving our social media and blog presence, further expanding the Regional Representatives Committee initiative, and updating our state pins. We’re also pleased to announce that a funding stream was officially approved for the website redesign in the budget! There will be a lot going on behind the scenes over the coming months to improve our state website.

As you prepare to embark on your TSA journey for the 2019-2020 season, consider how you might become further involved with our organization. Events still remain the best way to have a great time in TSA, but I’d like to reach out and encourage all members, especially those who have been involved in TSA for a few years, to join a committee! Applications will be posted shortly and there’s a committee for every type of interest and level of engagement. The applications will be available on the “For Students” tab under “Committees”. Applications will be due Nov. 1st to become a regular member or Oct. 1st to become a Co-Chair. Getting involved on a committee is also a great way to kickstart a run for state office!

Keep your eyes peeled for our State Officer Intro video over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoyed our FLEX ad! Speaking of FLEX, we can’t wait to see everyone there! As many of you know, our Fall Leadership Experience will be our first leadership conference in quite a few years. Please help us make this kickoff conference a huge success. We promise it’ll be a great time too :-)

Be sure to stay connected by following us @PennslvaniaTSA on all social media, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for our team or me throughout the year, do not hesitate to send me a note at president [at] I wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming TSA season and I can’t wait to see everyone at states!