Board of Directors Minutes

Pennsylvania TSA Board of Directors keeps official minutes of all board meetings. Below is a listing of the minutes that are submitted by the board secretary. They are reviewed by the board after each meeting and approved as official at the following meeting. Any minutes that are corrected (and approved) are noted within the listing.

Minutes- January 2024 BoD Meeting bod_2024_01.pdf

Minutes - July 2023 BoD Meeting PDF icon bod_2023_07.pdf

Minutes - January 2023 PDF icon bod_2023_01.pdf

July 2022 BOD MInutes PDF icon bod_2022_07.pdf

January 2022 BOD Meeting Minutes PDF icon bod_2022_01.pdf

Minutes Fall BOD Meeting-October 12, 2021 PDF icon bod_2021_10.pdf

Minutes-July 2021 PDF icon bod_2021-01.pdf

Minutes - January 11, 2021 PDF icon bod_2021-01.pdf

Minutes - September 21,2020 PDF icon bod_2020_09.pdf

COVID Task Force Meeting August 19, 2020 PDF icon bod_2020_08_19.pdf

Minutes - August 3,2020 COVID meeting PDF icon bod_2020_08_03.pdf

Minutes - July 13, 2020 PDF icon bod_2020_07.pdf

Minutes - January 11, 2020 PDF icon bod_2020_01.pdf

Minutes - July 15, 2019 PDF icon bod_2019_07.pdf

Minutes-March 2, 2019 PDF icon bod_2019_03.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes - July 2018 PDF icon bod_2018_07.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes - January 2018        PDF icon bod_2018_01.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes - October 2017        PDF icon bod_2017_10.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes - July 2017            PDF icon bod_2017_07.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes - July 2017            PDF icon BOD_2017_07.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes-January 2017          PDF icon bod_2017_01.pdf

BOD Meeting - Minutes - November 11, 2016 PDF icon bod_2016_11.pdf

Minutes from July 11, 2016 BOD Meeting    PDF icon bod_2016_07.pdf

Minutes (Corrected) - January 2016          PDF icon bod_2016_01.pdf

BOD Minutes, January 2016                PDF icon bod_2016_01.pdf

November 2015 BOD Minutes               PDF icon bod_2015_11.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes, July 2015             PDF icon bod_2015_07.pdf

PATSA BOD Minutes, January 2015         PDF icon bod_2015_01.pdf

Minutes - July 2014                       PDF icon 

PATSA - Minutes -July 7-2014              PDF icon bod_2014_01.pdf

PATSA MInutes-Jan18, 2014               PDF icon bod_2014_01.pdf

PATSA MInutes-Jan18, 2014 bod_2014_01.pdf

November 2013 Minutes                   PDF icon bod_2013_11.pdf

Minutes: 2013 July                         PDF icon bod_2013_07.pdf

Minutes: 2013 January                     PDF icon PATSA-January minutes-2013.pdf

Minutes: 2012 November                   PDF icon PATSA-November minutes-2012.pdf

Minutes: 2012 July                         PDF icon bod_2012_07.pdf

Minutes: 2012 January                      PDF icon bod_2012_01.pdf

Minutes: 2011 November                    PDF icon bod_2011_11.pdf

Minutes: 2011 July                          PDF icon bod_2011_07.pdf

Minutes: 2011 January                      PDF icon bod_2011_01.pdf

Minutes: 2010 November                    PDF icon bod_2010_11.pdf

Minutes: 2010 July                          PDF icon bod_2010_07.pdf

Minutes: 2010 January                       PDF icon bod_2010_01.pdf

Minutes: 2009 November                     PDF icon bod_2009_11.pdf

Minutes: 2009 July                           PDF icon bod_2009_07.pdf

Minutes: 2009 January                       Microsoft Office document icon bod_2009_01.doc

Minutes: 2008 November N/A

Minutes: 2008 July                           PDF icon bod_2008_07.pdf

Minutes: 2008 April                          Microsoft Office document icon bod_2008_04.doc

Minutes: 2007 November                     Microsoft Office document icon bod_2007_11.doc

Minutes: 2007 July                           Microsoft Office document icon bod_2007_07.doc

Minutes: 2007 April                          PDF icon bod_2007_04.pdf

Minutes: 2006 November                     PDF icon bod_2006_11.pdf

Minutes: 2006 July                           PDF icon bod_2006_07.pdf

Minutes: 2005 November                     PDF icon bod_2005_11.pdf

Minutes: 2005 July                           PDF icon bod_2005_07.pdf