Live Stream

2024 State Conference Live Stream

2024 State Conference Streaming Schedule


8:30AM - General Session I - Opening Ceremony

10:00AM - Competition - Robotics

1:30PM - Competition - Robotics

8:00PM - Competition - HS Fashion Design

9:30PM - Special Interest Session - State Officer Candidate Speeches


7:00PM - General Session II - Business Meeting


8:30AM - General Session III - Award & Closing Ceremony

Award Distribution Order

Event Name Level

Forensic Technology Middle School

Audio Podcasting High School

Microcontroller Design Middle School

Fashion Design and Technology High School

Forensic Science High School

Extemporaneous Presentation High School

Dragster Design High School

Video Game Design High School

PA - Robotics High School

Children's Stories Middle School

Structural Engineering Middle School

Medical Technology Middle School

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture High School

Junior Solar Sprint Middle School

Virtual Reality Visualization (VR) High School

Technology Bowl - Written High School

Digital Photography Middle School

PA - Safety Illustration High School

Promotional Design High School

Essays on Technology High School

PA - Safety Illustration Middle School

Biotechnology Design High School

PA - Logo Design High School

Challenging Technology Issues Middle School

Technical Design Middle School

Engineering Design High School

Animatronics High School

System Control Technology High School

PA - Pin Design Middle School

Essays on Technology Middle School

Geospatial Technology High School

Structural Design & Engineering High School

PA - Snapshot Middle School

Off the Grid Middle School

Technology Bowl High School

Career Prep Middle School

Photographic Technology High School

Problem Solving Middle School

Cybersecurity Middle School

Prepared Presentation High School

PA - Pin Design High School

Tech Bowl - Written Middle School

Board Game Design High School

PA - TSA VEX - HS High School

Music Production High School

On Demand Video High School

Senior Solar Sprint High School

Manufacturing Prototype High School

Electrical Applications Middle School

Coding Middle School

Digital Video Production High School

PA - Logo Design Middle School

Drone Challenge (UAV) High School

STEM Animation Middle School

Data Science and Analytics Middle School

Prepared Speech Middle School

System Control Technology Middle School

PA - Cybersecurity High School

Leadership Strategies Middle School

PA - R/C Off-Road Racing Middle School

Flight Endurance High School

Construction Challenge Middle School

PA - Delta Dart Middle School

PA - Materials Process Middle School

Coding High School

Video Game Design Middle School

FULL VOLUME 2024 Middle School TSA VEX IQ Competition (TVIQRC) Middle School

Future Technology & Engineering Teacher High School

Mechanical Engineering Middle School

Vlogging Middle School

PA - Materials Process High School

Webmaster High School

Promotional Marketing Middle School

Software Development High School

PA - Digital Video Challenge Middle School

Computer-Aided Design Foundations Middle School

Technology Problem Solving High School

Inventions and Innovations Middle School

Transportation Modeling High School

Debating Technological Issues High School

Tech Bowl Middle School

Dragster Middle School

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering High School

Architectural Design High School

Data Science and Analytics High School

PA - Robotics Middle School

PA - R.C. Off-Road Racing High School

Community Service Video Middle School

Flight Middle School

Website Design Middle School

Biotechnology Middle School

Mass Production Middle School

Children's Stories High School

Chapter Team - Written Middle School

Chapter Team - Written High School

Chapter Team Middle School

Chapter Team High School