Chapter Fundraising

Chapter Fundraising Page Update Information

Chapters throughout TSA fundraise for a variety of reasons, whether it is to lower the price of conferences or participate in the National Service Project. However, there are chapters who want to start fundraising but do not know where to begin. This year, with help from the National Service Project Committee, the State Officers have created an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about fundraising. Keep reading to learn about key ideas of the fundraising process, tips and tricks, examples of fundraisers, and more! Additionally, we have provided a shareable toolkit that contains all the information plus premade fundraising materials as well. We hope you have a great time fundraising!

A pdf version of this guide is available here.

What should I fundraise for?

1. Conferences

Let's face it - conferences are expensive! If your chapter doesn't get

funding from the school for conferences, fundraisers can help to

decrease the cost of the state and national conferences significantly.

2. American Cancer Society

Every year, National TSA fundraises money for ACS. The American

Cancer Society uses the money people fundraise to research cures and

treatment for cancer.

Keep in mind that PA-TSA also offers reserved seating at general

sessions during the State Conference to chapters who have fundraised

for the ACS!

3. Specific Equipment

Some equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters can be really

expensive! Fundraising for equipment can be beneficial to your chapter

so you can improve your projects!

How much should I fundraise?

Setting a goal for your fundraiser can help you plan your fundraiser

accordingly. If you are looking to raise a lot of money, a bigger and more

complicated fundraiser may be more beneficial. If you are planning to

fundraise a smaller amount, a smaller, less involved fundraiser may be what you are looking for.

A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Reflect

The most important and best way to build a successful fundraising program is to reflect on your past experiences and strive for improvement. Specifically:

  • How successful was your chapter fundraising previously?
  • Identify your chapter's strengths and weaknesses.
  • What issues affected the production process of previous fundraisers? What can you do to fix these problems?
  • Communication issues and procrastination are common issues, keep reading to learn how to fix them!
  • How much did you raise?
  • Have a manageable goal in mind when designing a fundraiser.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Now move on to the next step: brainstorming new ideas. Brainstorming involves a combination of improving old ideas and thinking of entirely new ones. Here's how to get started:

  • Rework older ideas and plans. Take something you've always wanted to do but never got the chance to execute.
  • Implement new ideas either by discussing as a chapter or finding inspiration from other chapter's fundraisers.
  • Come up with ideas that play to your chapter's strengths.
  • Reference the PA-TSA website for new ideas!

Step 3: Communicate

Finally, communicate with others. It's integral for you to talk with other students, advisors, and administration to see what fundraiser would work best in your school or community.

  • Run ideas with your chapter's advisor(s) for additional insight on fundraising initiatives.
  • They can run fundraising ideas with your school/district administration as well if needed.

Fundraising Examples

Out of Ideas?

It can be difficult to think of a great fundraiser that will resonate

with your community, but that's why we're here to help! The

following pages include example fundraiser ideas ranging in

difficulty to execute. See if anything catches your eye!


Restaurant Fundraiser

If you are looking for a low-maintenance fundraiser, that will bring in some significant cash, this one's for you. First, you will need to contact a local restaurant or store in your area and figure out details such as the date and what percentage they will give your chapter. Once a date is decided, your chapter would need to publicize the event and patrons would simply need to say they are supporting your chapter when they arrive at the restaurant. 

There are many restaurants that would love for your chapter to hold a fundraiser. National chains such as Panera (percentage depends on number of orders), Chipotle (50%), and Iron Hill Brewery (20%) are suitable options. Also try contacting restaurants that are unique to your area. Keep in mind several restaurants require advance notice for setting up these events and may need to schedule your date several weeks to months in advance.

Here are some other national chains that offer fundraisers: Applebee's, Boston Market, California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Chili's, Chipotle, Friendly's, Iron Hill Brewery, Outback Steakhouse, Panera, Pizzeria Uno, Ponderosa, Red Robin, T.G.I.Friday's, Wendy's

Gertrude Hawk Chocolate

The Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Fundraiser is an extremely popular fundraiser for high school chapters. There are a multitude of chocolate flavors to choose from so there is something for everyone! This fundraiser is perfect for individual member fundraising for conference costs.

Clothing Drive

Holding a clothing drive to raise money for your chapter is quick and easy! Ask your members to bring in their old clothes and spread the word to their families and friends. Contact a local Goodwill to see if they would be interested in buying the old clothing.


Bake Sales

Bake sales are a great way to involve your chapter members in fundraising. Make sure to tell your members when the sale will be, have them sign up for an item, and tell their friends about it! The best times to hold bake sales are during free periods in school, at lunch, or at a school event. You could also hold a bake sale during a community event or outside of a local store.

Gaming Tournament

Organize a time where members and community/school members can pay $5 - $15 to compete in a game like Super Smash Bros, Minecraft, or Mario Kart. You could make a bracket system and give the winner a gift card!


T-shirts help to engage your chapter while giving them something memorable to wear. If your school has a screen printing program, see if you could print your shirts with them. If your school doesn't have a screen printing program, try to find a local t-shirt printing company, or ask your athletic department which one they use.

Partner With Another Organization From Your School

Does your school hold a school fair, carnival, dance, club day, or other entertaining event? Try to simultaneously fundraise for your club and promote membership by getting involved! First, try contacting your Student Council or whoever runs your school's events. Then, make a plan to represent your club with a game at a carnival, booth at club day, food stand at a dance, or some kind of sale. Based on the resources available to your chapter, you might try to sell food, drinks, apparel, host a carnival game, or provide some other service. Representing your club to the school community turns heads and builds image, and if done successfully, can also be incredibly profitable to your chapter.


Bingo Night

A bingo night is a fantastic way to make money for your chapter. Find a facility that would be willing to let your chapter hold your event, and decide what you will be giving away. Make sure you start selling tickets to the event at least a month before the event itself so members have plenty of time to get their tickets sold.

Spaghetti Dinner

A spaghetti dinner is perfect for all ages to attend! See if your school cafeteria would be willing to help host this event. Purchase a variety of noodles and sauce from a local grocery store and have members of your chapter help prepare the meal for the community. Have your members sell tickets, but give them at least a month in advance to make sure they have enough time to do so!

Raffle Event

- Raffle events are a great, effective way to raise money. You can get prizes like games, movies, baking supplies, and other unique themed baskets. Make sure to have your chapter members sell tickets for the event, but give them enough time to sell. At the event, your chapter members can help call, run, and organize the baskets.

Work with your district to hold a STEM Night

A STEM Night with elementary schoolers in your district is something that many school districts throughout the state employ. STEM Night was originally designed to give elementary schoolers increased exposure to STEM topics outside of the classroom. During STEM Night, students complete a series of problem solving challenges with help from parents and TSA members. Students from your TSA chapter help run the event, and as a way to benefit your own chapter you can hold a concession stand to help raise money for your chapter or for the American Cancer Society. Depending on the number of students you are planning to host, you might want to reach out to other clubs in your school to help with the event. Hosting a STEM Night will increase awareness of STEM in elementary schoolers and will be a great opportunity for members of your chapter to do community service as well as raise money for your chapter.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Fundraising

Now that you have some ideas for what fundraisers you can host, here's some tips and tricks to ensure that they are successful!

1. Marketing

Social Media

  • Does your chapter have a social media account? Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are awesome ways to market your fundraisers and events to your community! Have friends and family share the event details to everyone they know!

School Marketing

  • Your chapter could make flyers or posters to put on hallway walls to promote your fundraiser (Check out our templates on page 11 of the toolkit!). If your school has a newspaper or broadcast program, you could even promote your fundraiser through that!

Local Stores

  • Ask local stores if you can put up posters to advertise your fundraisers and raise awareness about TSA. Oftentimes, local stores are more than happy to help out!

2. Organization

Virtual Folders/Files

  • When planning a fundraiser, it is super important to stay organized! Make sure your virtual or physical files are organized into folders and subfolders as needed to stay organized.

Organized Records

  • Treasurers Reports
  • It is important to keep your finances under careful observation when planning a fundraiser. It is easy to go overboard when spending money to host an event, so try setting a budget for your fundraiser to track how much you have spent versus how much you have made.
  • Minutes
  • It's hard to make sure every single member in your chapter is at the meetings! If you keep accurate records of all plans and motions made at your meetings, members can look back and see what was discussed.


  • It is very important that your officer team and members know what is going on for a fundraiser! Communication is key when planning a big event. Group chats, Google Classrooms, Remind, Discord, and other forms of contact for your chapter are crucial if you want to hold a successful fundraiser.

3. Timelines

When to Fundraise

  • It's best to fundraise earlier in the school year, but not too close to when your TSA chapter starts. Try to start planning in August, but your fundraisers can be held later in October and November. If you are doing a prize based fundraiser like a raffle or bingo, that may be better to be held around the holidays, but fundraisers like chocolate sales or bake sales can be held whenever.

Create a Group Calendar

  • The best way to ensure that your fundraiser is a success is to create a group calendar where everyone can see what needs to be done and when. Google Calendar, Notion, and TimeTree are all great apps that work perfectly for this process.

Keep Track of Deadlines

  • When you begin planning your fundraiser, ensure that communication is kept during the entirety of the process. This way, you can check in on everyone’s progress to make sure all deadlines are reached. Furthermore, if anything requires school or district approval, make sure to get it done early!

4. Outsourcing

It's Not Just the Officer Team - Involve Members!

  • Your chapter's officer team should be leading the fundraising efforts, but your chapter membership is equally as important! In order to hold a successful fundraiser, everyone must be involved and helping to complete the initiative.
  • You can make a committee in your chapter for those who want to help plan fundraisers, which will help you free up your time and let them gain some experience with fundraising!

5. Outreach

Work With Other Clubs or Community Organizations

  • Try to plan fundraisers in partnership with other clubs in your school - you never know what connections and opportunities might arise from working together!
  • Local businesses love helping their community: see how you can work together to promote both them and TSA!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't think anyone will show up. How do I promote my fundraiser?

Make posters or flyers and hang them up in your school, local businesses, and hand them out to friends. If your school does announcements, ask for your fundraiser to be promoted during announcements. Other methods include social media, or even just word of mouth!

2. How do I know if people will like my fundraiser?

Ask yourself if you would participate if you saw this fundraiser. If the answer is no, then you might want to modify your plans. If you're still not sure, ask your friends and family members to see if they would be interested.

3. How do I recruit volunteers and chapter members to help?

When recruiting, make sure you know what to do and what you need assistance in. Be prepared to tell your chapter members what jobs are available, about how much time each job will require, and the specific duties the job entails. 

Need Help Getting Started?

If you've read through this guide and are still a bit overwhelmed with the process: don't worry! The NSP committee has been hard at work this year preparing some pre-prepared promotional and fundraising materials to help you get started!

Promotional Templates:

The following links are to Canva templates that you can freely edit and modify with your fundraiser's specific information (dates, locations, etc).

Fundraising Materials:

The following link goes to a Google Drive folder containing ready-to-print CAD files that you can sell for profit! Please note that printing these files requires the use of a 3D printer.