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Competitive Events



In this section of the PA-TSA web site, you can find information regarding the competitive events held at TSA conferences.

Pennsylvania offers “PA-ONLY events” in addition to the events offered by National TSA. PA-ONLY events are offered at the state conference and, if a region chooses, at the regional conference.

Where to find official event rules

National TSA events: PA-TSA follows the national guidelines for competitive events. The official rules for these events are provided to each chapter by National TSA. To obtain a copy of the rules, log in to your chapter account using the Total TSA option. You must complete affiliation prior to obtaining access to the event rules.

PA-only events: Visit the PA-only events page.

Maximum participants per chapter and per team: Regional and state conferences in PA-TSA use different participation limits than the national conference. These limits are available in the PA event listing. To get the latest version of the event listing, visit the handbook section of our website (see Appendix E).


Event updates and rule changes

From time to time, there are errors in the national event guidelines or the PA-only event guidelines.

National events: You can find updates at

PA-Only events: When event rules are modified, they are posted on the PA-only events page. You should also stay tuned to announcements posted on the PA-TSA website.

Rule changes at regional and state conferences: Each state and regional conference may announce conference-specific rule changes in order to accommodate the schedule or facilities available at the conference. Refer to your regional conference page and the state conference page.


Event Themes

Some events have a theme that changes each year. Pennsylvania TSA follows the National Curriculum Guidebook for event themes.

National TSA publishes these event themes online at