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2022 PA-TSA Virtual State Conference: Coming in April


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Competitive events

The 2021 virtual conference will offer a selection of National and Pennsylvania-only events, adapted for a virtual format. Some events will require online submission in the weeks before the conference, some include a live component during the conference, and some have both.

Note that we are not able to offer all events in a virtual setting. See the following links to find out which events are offered and how the rules have been modified for this conference.

  • Event Matrix: List of events offered at this conference, including the maximum number of entries per chapter, which events require digital submissions (PDF and/or URL) prior to the actual conference dates, which events include a live component.
  • Competitive event information: General information about National and Pennsylvania events.
  • PA-only event guide: Rules for PA-only events not contained in national event guides, updated for the 2021 virtual state conference.
  • Rule updates and clarifications: (coming soon) PA-TSA may need to make changes to the National TSA competitive event rules for this conference. Students and advisors should first review the competitive event rules as published by National TSA and then consult this page for any updates and clarifications specific to the PA-TSA State Conference.
  • Conference Schedule:   
    • MS Event Schedule - pdf (coming soon)
    • HS Event Schedule - pdf (coming soon)
  • Dress code (forthcoming): Dress codes apply to events with a live component (see the Event Matrix above).

Judges needed!

PA-TSA needs volunteers to judge both preliminary submissions and/or the live components of this year’s competitions. Sign ups will eb posted soon.

Conference registration

Rates, deadlines, and other details will be published soon.

Registration via iServices will open in March.

Student Conference Participant Forms (Updated October 2020)
ALL participants MUST have these forms filled out and must be held with the chapter advisor during the Regional AND State Conferences.

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