Goals, Creed & Motto

Goals and Purposes

The Technology Student Association Constitution identifies the general and specific purpose of TSA. These purposes of the organization are recognized as such, and guide the association in its actions and activities. In capsulized form, these goals and purposes can be indicated like this:


TSA provides the opportunity for leadership development training. Throughout individual and group action, members develop the ability to plan, organize, and carry out worthy activities and projects together. Emphasis is placed on the social development, civic consciousness, scholastic motivation, and community involvement.

Technology Education

TSA promotes technology education in the school, community, state and nation. Members help Technology Education become the viable, effective and integral part of the total education system that it was designed to be.


TSA increases the knowledge and broadens the understanding of its members. Members learn to better understand the industrial technical society in which we live, by being aware and informed of new development and technology.


TSA inspires students to respect the dignity of labor and to appreciate craftsmanship. Members learn to cooperate together to obtain quality results in the achievement of individual and chapter activities and projects.


TSA encourages scholastic motivation to its members. By providing opportunities to integrate and use the knowledge and skills of other educational disciplines, members become interested in learning.


TSA assists members in making informed and meaningful occupational choices.

TSA Creed

I believe that Technology Education holds an important place in my life in the technical world. I believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation and processes of industry. Guided by my teachers, artisans from industry and my own initiative, I will strive to do my best in making my school, community, state and nation better places in which to live. I will accept the responsibilities that are mine. I will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence. I will explore on my own for safer, more effective methods of working and living. I will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and will exercise tact and respect for other individuals.Through the work of my hands and mind, I will express my ideas to the best of my ability. I will make it my goal to do better each day the task before me and to be steadfast in my belief in my God, and my fellow Americans.

TSA Motto

“Learning to Lead in a Technical World.”