By Law Amendment

January 18, 2024 Posted by Jason Kofmehl []
PA-TSA By Law Amendment

The Majority Vote Amendment

Article IV State Officers - Section 5.4

By: The Bylaw and Resolutions Review Committee

Description: This amendment will implement an appointment procedure for unopposed state officer candidates if they do not receive a ⅔ majority vote.


  1. Insert Section 5.4 of Article IV
  2. “If there is an unopposed officer position, the candidate must secure a ⅔ majority vote from the delegates present to be elected to the position. If the candidate does not receive a ⅔ majority vote, nominations for the position shall be reopened, and the PA-TSA Executive Committee shall appoint a qualified candidate.”

Warrant: The committee is proposing the amendment to add Article IV Section 5.4 to the PA-TSA State Bylaws in an effort to ensure approval by a ⅔ majority vote for unopposed State Officer candidates. Currently, if a candidate is unopposed, it only takes a single vote, potentially that of the candidate themself, to approve them for the position. This amendment would ensure that all elected members on the State Officer Team are favored by a majority of PA-TSA members. The PA-TSA Executive Committee will be able to choose a candidate that has already run for an office position. This would occur before the newly elected state officer team is announced at the business meeting. The introduction of an appointment process for unopposed candidates helps guarantee that the candidate receives support from PA-TSA