Sample corporate outreach materials

This page includes sample materials to help with corporate outreach at the chapter level. See Corporate Outreach Resources for Chapters to get started.

Sample Outreach Letter

 **This is only a template. When constructing a letter for your chapter, please remember to insert things that make your chapter unique. This is taken from another chapter’s corporate outreach letter, so please personalize to fit your chapter’s needs. The letter below is asking for a monetary donation. If you are contacting a company/organization/business to solicit a donation

We are (Chapter Name) TSA (Technology Student Association), an organization dedicated to expanding STEM education in our community.  TSA members compete in a wide range of STEM related competitions that range from (Insert Names of Events that your chapter excels at).  Through these events, members acquire skills related to the particular event, as well as leadership, through a new initiative started by TSA called LEAP. TSA hopes that the skills members acquire will help them in their careers and throughout the rest of their lives. Our chapter has been awash in competitive success recently: (Talk about chapter successes, fundraising, outreach, whatever defines your chapter.

Insert Photos throughout letter from conferences, fundraisers, or any other activites your chapter takes part in.

(This is for a plea for money, but personalize for your chapter’s need(s). If your chapter is requesting a specific donation, make sure to explain your reason for it.) Individuals in TSA pay for our attendance at events, and we seek to ease their financial burden, especially for students who qualify for higher levels of competition. In return, we can offer publicity benefits to our sponsors and a place at our annual year-end banquet. We hope that you can support our members in advancing STEM education in (Community name).

Thank you for considering sponsoring us!

Chapter Name 
Email, Phone Number, Contact information, you may want to list advisor name


Example of What to Offer to Potential Sponsor

Tip: Since the corporation, organization, or business you are contacting will hopefully give you something, it is important to offer something in return. For monetary donations, it recommended that tiers be used depending on the amount being given. For requests, it is recommended that chapters decided based on how much is being given. The example below uses tiers. The examples given are only examples, and should be adjusted depending on what your chapter can offer in return for a sponsorship. Only two tiers are listed, but more can be added depending on how many different sponsorship opportunities your chapter is hoping to obtain.

*The most lucrative sponsorship level should include everything your chapter can offer.

Platinum Sponsor (Tier 1) - Most Lucrative: $1,000 (Sample Amount)
Company/Organization/Corporation Logo on Chapter T-Shirt which is distributed to ____ members. 
Company/Organization/Corporation Logo on Chapter’s TSA Banner
Company/Organization/Corporation Logo on Chapter’s Website
Company/Organization/Corporation recognition at Chapter’s End of the year party.

*The next, most lucrative sponsorship level should include some of the things that your chapter can offer.

Gold Sponsor (Tier 2) - Second-most lucrative $500 (Sample Amount)
Company/Organization/Corporation Logo on Chapter T-Shirt which is distributed to ____ members. 
Company/Organization/Corporation recognition at Chapter’s End of the year party.


Examples of Talking Points

Intro: This document is a bullet point version of the universal letter and email. This designed to be used over the phone or in a physical meeting when discussing a prospective sponsorship. The information included here is only a basic outline and should be edited to fit your chapter’s needs. Before you call a prospective sponsor, be sure to complete significant research about your prospective sponsor. This will most likely include whether they have given to similar groups such as TSA in the past and if their mission statement and goals align closely with TSA. Make sure you contact a persona within an organization/business/corporation who has the authority to dictate whether or not to give your chapter funds. 

  1. Introduction
    1. A simple, not overly complex greeting
    2. Introduce yourself, state your position in your chapter (if you have one), and who you are calling on behalf (your chapter) . 
  2. Solicit Request
    1. Why do you need the (specific donation, money, etc.)?
      1. Make sure to allude to emotional and factual aspects.
    2. What with the donation be used for?’
    3. Why should your chapter receive this donation? Has your chapter done anything special?
      1. Reference past conference successes, community involvement, and anything else that makes your chapter unique. 
    4. Why are you contacting this specific corporation/organization/business?
      1. Reference mission statements and what the corporation/organization/business means to your chapter.
    5. What will your chapter give in return? Reference this document.
  3. Follow up with questions that your prospective may have. 
    1. Make sure to continue to sell your chapter and make it known that their donation will be put to a good cause.
  4. Now for the decision: 
    1. If they say no, that’s ok!
      1. Thank them for their time and continue on to the next prospective sponsor.
    2. If they say “we will be in contact,” there is still hope!
      1. Thank them for their time, and arrange a time or a deadline to speak again.
    3. If they say yes, hooray!
      1. Make sure to thank them for both their time and generosity.
      2. Make necessary arrangements to receive the solicited request.

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