Corporate Outreach Resources for Chapters

Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to assist chapters in obtaining their own corporate sponsorships. A corporate sponsorship is a relationship that your chapter can build with a corporation/business/organization which will in return provide you with either some kind of donation (monetary or fulfill a specific need). It is significantly easier to obtain money to help reduce costs of conference attendance or for other chapters needs by obtaining a corporate sponsorship. Corporate sponsorships can also help your chapter in fundraising by soliciting donations for specific aspects of your chapter’s fundraiser.


Steps for Obtaining a Corporate Sponsor for your chapter

  1. First and foremost, your chapter needs to find a reason to solicit for a specific donation. Does your chapter need money to help pay for the state and national conference? Is your chapter in need of a new piece of equipment such as a 3D printer? Or is your chapter in need of a specific donation for a fundraiser? Identify goals that you would like a prospective corporate sponsor to meet.
  2. After identifying a specific need, your chapter is going to need to identify prospective corporations/businesses/organizations that could potentially fulfill your chapter’s need(s). Identify companies or organizations whose mission statements are similar to TSA’s. Also see if there are members of your chapter have connections to specific businesses or organizations. It is a lot easier to obtain a corporate sponsorship when a preliminary connection has already been formed. It is a good idea to contact business near your chapter, since local businesses are more likely to support community organizations.
  3. After you have identified corporations/businesses/organizations to contact, you will need to develop either an email or actual letter to mail to your prospective sponsor. This is will most likely be your first formal communication with your prospective sponsor, so it is important to make sure that you leave a good impression. A sample letter that has been used by another PA-TSA chapter is attached here. It is important to personalize your letter to fit your chapter’s needs. Make sure to explain what your chapter competes in, recent results, and other activities that make your chapter stand out. In addition, since your prospective sponsor is hopefully going to give your chapter something, it is important to offer your prospective sponsor something in return. An example of what to offer and a further explanation is attached here. Make sure to personalize it to your chapter’s needs.
  4. If your first formal communication with a prospective sponsor is through either a phone call or sit-down conversation, it is important to have an outline of how you will sell your chapter to your prospective sponsor. A list of points to go over has been created by the Corporate Outreach Committee and is attached here. This can also be used if you are meeting or talking with a representative from your respective sponsor after your chapter has already reached out through email or letter. The points included should be used as a guideline and should be personalized to fit your chapter’s needs. 

Contacting a prospective corporate sponsor

When contacting a prospective sponsor, it is important to know what method of communication will work best for that prospective sponsor. There are usually two options for preliminary communication, but research should be conducted to determine which one works best for your prospective sponsor. The first is sending either an official letter or email to the prospective sponsor, and then hopefully following up with an in-person meeting or phone call to work out the specific details. If a prospective sponsor does not return your chapter’s email, letter, or phone call, it is important to not repeatedly call or email them. The second is to arrange a meeting or phone call through someone that already has a connection with that prospective sponsor. It is important to be professional and have an advisor oversee all aspects of contacting a prospective sponsor.

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