Become An Officer

Applications will be due by Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through alternate procedures for the virtual PA-TSA State Conference and the elections of the 2022-2023 PA-TSA State Officer Team.  All information is outlined below.

Campaign Materials 

  1. Electronic signatures or email affidavits will also be accepted for the State Officer Candidate Endorsement Form.  We recognize that outside signatures (advisor, principal and/or superintendent) may be difficult to obtain with schools and students operating in a variety of formats.  Any issues with obtaining signatures please contact Mrs. Evans at sevans [at]  
  2. Further details for the Campaign process is included in the 2022-2023 PA-TSA State Officer Candidate Packet.
  3. On-line Application 
    1. A current “head shot” as a JPG of TIFF file
    2. A 250 word statement of why you are interested in this position 
    3. The picture and statement will be shared on the PA-TSA website for review by members
  4. Video
    1. Please submit a maximum of 2 minutes video submission of your candidate speech.  These will be compiled and shared on the PA-TSA website. Your video should be shared via Google Drive to sevans [at] These will be shared during the Thursday evening Candidate Session at the State Conference.  
    2. The video submissions are due by Friday, April 8.
  5. Q&A Session
    1. The traditional Q&A session will be held following the Candidate Session on Thursday evening of the State Conference.  We will make arrangements for a Zoom session should a candidate not be in attendance at Seven Springs.
  6. Campaign Poster
    1. Each candidate is permitted to display ONE 11” x 17” poster.  The poster will be hung in a designated location at the PA-TSA State Conference.  The poster will follow the Safety Illustration guidelines.  No other items may be displayed by the candidate.

Historian and Parliamentarian Positions

  1. All candidates for Parliamentarian, as submitted with Candidate Officer Applications, will be emailed separately with information regarding the Parliamentarian Test.  The test will be need to be completed at the State Conference, during the testing session. Test scores will be shared with the newly elected SOT for consideration of the Parliamentarian position. 
  2. All candidates for Historian, as submitted with Candidate Officer Applications, should submit the Historian Editing Skills and a sample body of work.  This information will be shared with the newly elected SOT for consideration of the Historian position.
  3. All candidates for Parliamentarian and Historian will have an opportunity to interview the morning of Saturday, April 23 at the State Conference.  Arrangements will be made should any candidates not be in attendance at Seven Springs.  
  4. The Parliamentarian and Historian positions will be announced by the newly elected SOT during the Awards Session at Seven Springs on Saturday, April 23. 

Candidate Directions - for your reference

1- Download the Officer Packet, read the packet carefully and make sure you meet the qualifications, have the time to dedicate to TSA and find the office that best suits your skills. You may apply for an elected position, an appointed position (Historian or Parliamentarian), or one of each.  Please note that the paperwork for Historian or Parliamentarian also needs to be submitted prior to the deadline, even if you are running for an elected position. 

2- Download the PA-TSA State Officer Candidate Endorsement Form, and have your parents, advisor, principal and superintendent sign the agreement. If you are applying for the position of Historian, fill out the additional form describing your experience in video editing and media production. Scan the document(s) and return to sevans [at]

3- Complete the simple on-line application, by clicking here.  You will need to have the following items in order to complete the application:

  • Your signed PA-TSA State Officer Candidate Endorsement Form scanned in as a PDF
  • If applicable, your signed form for the Historian position (scanned)
  • A current “head shot” as a JPG or TIFF file (please try and make sure that it is not upside down or sideways)
  • A 250-word statement of why you are interested in the position (you can copy and paste form any text editing software).  Keep in mind, for elected positions, this statement will be posted on the PA-TSA website in advance of the State Conference.  The statement will be shared with the newly elected State Officer Team during the interview process for Historian and/or Parliamentarian. 

4- If you are applying for the position of Parliamentarian, you will also need to take a test on parliamentary procedure at the State Conference. Further directions will be shared with applicants for these positions.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Mrs. Shelley Evans, State Officer Advisor, at sevans [at]

Thank you for your interest in running for a State Officer position and best of luck! 

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