Fall 2020 Update

Read the attached message for the latest information on PA-TSA conferences for the 2020-21 school year.
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President's Welcome

Hey PA-TSA! I hope everyone had an awesome summer and discovered new intellectual passions. While much remains uncertain this year, the State Officer Team has been working hard throughout the summer to make the most of this upcoming TSA season. We are excited to make your TSA experience even better!

PA Logo Design - modified competition

Given the cancellation of this year’s state conference, we were unable to run the PA-TSA Logo Design contest, which is how we determine the logo for the following year’s conference. In order to obtain the logo that will appear on next year’s promotional materials, we are going to run a significantly modified contest. Keep reading for contest details.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

The PA-TSA Board of Directors and the Scholarship Committee are proud to announce the winners of the 2020 PA-TSA Scholarships.
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Surveys & Polls

The State Officer Team is excited to announce a new communication initiative for all members and advisors: surveys and polls! We will post new surveys and polls on a regular basis. The State Officer Team would like to engage and interact with the membership by hearing from all of you. All of our surveys and polls will be focused on upcoming events and any general things to hear from the members.
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State Officer Blog: STATES! When’s that?

STATES! When’s that?

By: Elliot Ginzburg

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State Officer Blog: Surviving the School Year

By: Evan Grove

With TSA events kicking back into full gear, homework piling up, and college application deadlines rapidly approaching, the school year tends to be just a bit (no sarcasm intended) overwhelming. To add to the stress of TSA and classes, most of us are involved with numerous other organizations. For myself included, it can seem impossible to manage everything at times, but for those of you who feel stuck in this same boat, here are some of my honest tips to make the school year the best it can possibly be.

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State Officer Blog: TSA Is All About The Competitive Events

By: Elliot Ginzburg

We all join TSA for a reason. Perhaps we see posters advertising the competitive events, or we hear about the all-inclusive conferences. Whether you’ve experienced the former or the latter, or something wildly different, we have all experienced the dynamic culture of TSA. 

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State Officer Blog: Gaining Members

Welcome to the official unofficial start of TSA season! Although your state officer team, board of directors, and advisors have been working behind the scenes since the last Nationals in D.C., there’s a good chance that many of you have just begun to start thinking about the upcoming TSA season.

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President's Message: September 2019

Hey, PA-TSA! I hope everyone had an excellent summer and are having a great transition into the new school year. While TSA season might just be warming up for you now, the State Officer Team has been working hard all summer and we’ve made huge strides on some exciting initiatives!

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States Post Conference Survey

Hello PA-TSA members, advisors, parents, alumni, and volunteers! Please complete the 2019 PA-TSA States Post Conference Survey to let the incoming State Officer Team as well as the Board of Directors know what you liked and disliked about this year’s competition!

Click here to access the survey.

2018 Business Meeting Minutes

The regular annual business meeting of the Pennsylvania Technology Student Association came to order at approximately 8:05 PM on April 20, 2018 in the Exhibit Hall at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, PA, with President Francis Chalissery being in the chair and Secretary Maddy Okkerse being present. All officers were present and a quorum was established. The minutes from the 2016 and 2017 Annual Business Meetings were announced to be available and published on No corrections were offered and both minutes were approved as posted.

State Officer candidates for 2019-2020

The list of State Officer candidates for 2019-2020 is now available. Read their campaign statements online, and come prepared to meet them at the state conference.
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State Officer Blog: A Big-Picture Perspective and The Growth of Chapters

With the State conference quickly approaching, everyone’s focus is understandably on the frenzied completion of events. However, there is also incredible value in taking some time to look at TSA from a larger perspective and consider just how we might individually factor into the progress of our organization as a whole.

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State Officer Blog: Using LEAP To Your Advantage

Let’s be honest. None of us love LEAP. There is a wide gamut of opinions about to what extent different individuals agree with it, but the general consensus of TSA members seems to be one more of dissent rather than support.

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Jefferson University Scholarship

Jefferson University has been a supporter of PA-TSA for many years and is now giving senior PA-TSA students an opportunity to receive a $15,000 renewable scholarship upon enrollment to Jefferson University in the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, or the College of Architecture and the Built Environment programs. The Deadline for enrollment is April 1, 2019. More information can be found here -

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PA-TSA Online Town Hall!

Attention PA-TSA members, parents, and advisors. This year, the State Officer Team is hosting an online Town Hall event. At the event, students will be able to ask questions about running for state office as well as ask the officers questions or give suggestions to the PA-TSA leadership team. It will be a awesome opportunity to learn more about our organization and have your voice heard!

State Officer Blog: National Service Project


As many of you know, TSA’s National Service Project is the American Cancer Society. In Pennsylvania, we have held a reputation of being the “fundraising pros” because of the impressive effort chapters put into raising money. However, in the past year, members have reached out to me with interests in getting involved with ACS fundraising. In this post, I will provide some fundraising tips, as well as opportunities to be recognized for your outstanding efforts!

State Officer Blog: Get Ready for States, NOW

What’s Up PA-TSA!

Before I begin, I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in one of the various PA-TSA regional conferences in the last month! I hope your hard work paid off and you are getting ready for the state conference!

State Officer Blog: Procrastination

Dear Procrastinators,

Many people see me as a doer; however, I suffered from the same virus as everyone else: procrastination. I have spent a lot of time finding other things to do instead of my math homework or whatever it may be that night. I make lists. I clean my room again. I scroll through the same social media feed without even reading any posts. I suspect coming up on our Regional Conferences many of us have or will pull all-nighters. For anyone like me who finds themselves procrastinating a little more then they’d like, here are some tips….

State Officer Blog: Go Beyond TSA

The truth is that TSA just isn’t enough.

Let me be clear: this is by no means a criticism of TSA—in fact, it is a dear appraisal of it.

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State Officer Blog: The Spectrum of Academic Interest

      When it comes to extracurriculars and academic exposure outside of the school setting, we may often find ourselves as students questioning the extent to which we can apply the skills we’ve learned from these experiences to areas outside of the realm from which they originate.

State Officer Blog: Advancing Our World

Nearly two million years ago, humans created stone tools to help them in their everyday life. Now in the year 2018, and we have sent an electric car into space. Technology is changing the way we perceive the world; it changes the way we communicate, interact, and impact our society. As members of the Technology Student Association, we need to continually create new inventions & innovations for the betterment of society.

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State Officer Blog: Effectively Streamlining Communication

December entry for State Officer Blog by Sergeant at Arms Joshua Famous.
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State Officer Blog: Using TSA Skills in the Real World

After pouring countless hours into our events, it can be difficult to see how the skills we’ve used will actually carry over into our real lives. I sometimes find myself internally asking things like “What is the plan of work log legitimately contributing to my project?” or “Why do we have to waste time writing LEAP resumes when we could just say all of these things in an interview?” The connection between seemingly arbitrary tasks and making real change in the world can seem blurry.


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