January PA-Post

Hey PA-TSA! Hope you’re all having a great start to the new year and looking forward to Regional Conferences! In this month’s edition, we’ll be discussing all things related to Regionals: State Officer Visits, Special Interest Sessions, Regional Vlogs, and more. Good luck with your events and we can’t wait to see you all at conferences over the next few weeks!

December PA-Post

Hey PA-TSA, check out the December PA-Post edition! This month, we discuss tips for completing your events, resources for chapters, ways to spend the summer, and more. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and see you in the new year!

November PA-Post

Hey PA-TSA, check out this month’s edition of the PA-Post! Read all about the State Officer Team’s Fall Leadership Retreat, tips for new members, an officer’s TSA friend and inspiration, and more!

Welcome to the PA-Post!

Hey PA-TSA, welcome to the PA-Post! The State Officer Team is thrilled to announce that we’ll be switching from a blog format to a monthly newsletter. Written by your State Officer Team, tune in as we discuss all things related to TSA: competition tips, information about conferences, updates from the State Officer Team, and so much more! 

In this edition of the PA-Post, learn about setting goals for the upcoming TSA season, finding your perfect student committee, our brand-new Inclusivity Committee, and the PA-TSA Pin Design Contest.

PA-TSA Pin Design Contest 2022-23

Did you enjoy pin trading at Nationals? Want to have a say in the next design? Good news, we’re bringing back the PA-TSA Pin Design Contest! 


Here’s how to enter: 

2022 President's Welcome

Hey PA-TSA! Welcome back to another school year, also known as the start of another amazing TSA season! Whether you’re ready for it or dreading it, the time has arrived. To kick the year off, here are some exciting initiatives your State Officer Team has been working on over the summer.

2022 PA-TSA Annual Business Meeting Minutes

The annual business meeting of the Pennsylvania Technology Student Association came to order at 7:30 PM on April 22nd, 2022 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. President Madison Martin and Secretary Ben Moldovsky were present. All officers were present, and a quorum was established. The minutes from the 2021 annual business meeting were announced to be available and published on No corrections were offered, and the minutes were approved as posted.


Back in Business: What to Expect at Our Upcoming 2022 State Conference

Is it your first time attending the State conference in a while? Or are you a new student or advisor who hasn’t been to an in-person conference since the beginning of COVID? Read here to find a little more about our upcoming State Conference. (Including advice for new Advisors and Students)

Engaging with Your Community

Competing in events is an important aspect of TSA, but there are many benefits to interacting with other students, parents, and children as a club. Here are a few ways to get involved with your community outside of your own TSA chapter.

Spring Regional Newsletters

Hey PA-TSA! Check out the Spring Regional Newsletters from Regions 1&6, 3, and 5, created through the Regional Representatives Committee.…

Reserved Seating at States



Are you interested in winning reserved seating for your chapter at States? This year, we’ll be holding a raffle for reserved seating! Here’s how you can start earning tickets for your chapter:


Finishing SOT Initiatives

Working on initiatives as a state officer for PA-TSA has been the most rewarding experience of my TSA career. When I was elected last year, I had specific ideas to improve our organization that I was extremely passionate about. It is crazy to be able to say that by the state conference this year, we will have completed every one of the goals I committed to last year.

1,000 Miles Later...

Normally, I spend January to early February only worrying about my own regional conference. This year, I went to three—one each week on top of still competing and being heavily involved within my own region. You might be wondering if I’m going insane, and I was definitely considering it. Who wouldn’t? Waking up at 4 am almost every week, spending hours in the car, and trying to find time for schoolwork in between it all isn’t fun. However, if given the choice, I’d do it all over again without hesitation. 

Virtual PA-TSA Special Interest Sessions

Hey PA-TSA! I hope that all your regional conferences went well. This year, we will be hosting several virtual special interest sessions for members from anywhere in the state. They will be held on February 20th, all using the same Zoom info below. The schedule is also listed below. Please contact president [at] with any questions. We hope to see you all there! 


1 - 2pm: TSA/STEM Trivia

2:15 - 3:15pm: Running for State Office

PA-TSA Discord Server



I’m excited to announce the official launch of the PA-TSA Discord server!  The purpose of this server is to allow for cross-chapter collaboration, let the SOT send out announcements both before and at the State Conference, and give members a space to ask questions. Click here to be directed to a Google Form. At the end of this form will be the link to the Discord server. We look forward to seeing you there!


NSP: Fundraising Crash Course

Written by the NSP Social Media and Outreach Subcommittee led by Melanie Gerko. 

Fundraising is very important because it helps you attend conferences, fund chapters, and allows us to donate to the American Cancer Society. Within the current state of the world, it is important to understand and utilize tools that allow us to fundraise both in person and online. 

Back in Buisness: Preparing for an Interview

Hi PA-TSA, I hope all of you are doing well, and are excited for your regional conferences! For many, this may be your first in-person conference, or at least your first in a while, so I’d like to offer some tips for any of you that have interviews or presentations. Also, don’t forget that you can find other tips and resources in the “Event Resources” section of the PA-TSA website!

Winter Regional Newsletters

Hello PA-TSA,

See the attached regional newsletters created through the Regional Representatives Committee and the Comunications and Promotions Committee, for regions 1/6, 3, and 5.…

Team Bonding Outside of TSA: The SOT’s Trip to Hershey

Hey PA-TSA, happy new year! Over the winter break, members of the SOT rested up, but we also took a day trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania on January 1st. Though most of the SOT trips we go on are for PA-TSA, such as the Cabin Trip or Board of Directors meetings, we went to Hershey solely to bond as a team. Here’s how my day went. 

Engaging With The PA-TSA Community from the Regional Perspective

Hey PA-TSA! As we test the waters for a return to in-person conditions, it is important to be reminded of the PA-TSA community and how we can engage with it, especially on the regional level. Let’s hear what the Lead Representatives have to say about fundraising, sustainability, and collaboration!

ACS Fundraising - By Regions 1&6 Lead Representative Kendall Coddington

Curing a Case of Senioritis

I think we’ve all either seen it or experienced it ourselves. A senior gets into college (or simply just sees the end of their school career in sight), and suddenly has no motivation to complete the work for their classes. As a senior myself, I’ve been on the brink of senioritis a few times, so here are some of my best tips on how to avoid it. 


To the New Members: Making the Most of TSA

Have you just joined TSA and need help figuring things out? If so, I have some tips to ensure you make the most of your TSA experience.

The Cabin Trip 2021

By: Zane Al-Saleem

This year, the PA-TSA officers were invited to go on a leadership cabin trip in the wilderness of Pennsylvania. I am not usually a fan of the outdoors, but I did have fun spending time with new and old friends.

How's It Going?

How are you doing? Be honest. If you’re doing well, great! If not, that’s okay—you’re not the only one. 

Virtual Chapter Representative Meetings (2021-22)

Hey PA-TSA! I’m excited to announce the return of the Virtual Chapter Representative Meetings. These meetings were started last year as a way to connect the SOT to the members. Each chapter is allowed to send 1-3 representatives to the meeting. We will discuss topics ranging from conferences to SOT committees, and we will even have an informal Q&A section! This year, we want to hear from YOU as to when these Zoom meetings should be held. Please fill out this form and let us know your thoughts!


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