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Apple Software Wizard Visits WVMS TSA

Welsh Valley alum (‘68), Andy Hertzfeld, returned to his former campus on Thursday, November 21, 2013 to talk about his career with the Welsh Valley Middle School Technology Student Association (TSA) team.

Foundation Donation Requests

The Pennsylvania Technology Student Association Foundation is working hard to secure the future of our organization. Please take a moment to read a letter from the charitable arm of our organization.

Proposed Student Bylaw Amendment

a proposed amendment to the PA-TSA Student Bylaws has been submitted to the board of directors. Please read more here.

Apple Vision

Apple’s direction
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The Circle - A Warning About the Future of Technology

The Cirle is a new Orwellian novel written by Dave Eggers that emphasizes the dangers of social media.
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What It Means to be Tech-Savvy

The other day, my English teacher was having trouble with her projector. “You kids are all so good with technology, someone help me fix this,” she cried in desperation.

Taking the Initiative

The importance of individual studies and passions emphasized by TSA
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Organizing for the School Year

As the school workload increases, learn how to stay organized.
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The Epitome of a Leader

There are leaders, then there are great leaders.

TSA tips

Some tips to help members go for the first place trophy

Stay Organized!

School has finally been in session for basically a month, and the school year is a busy one, not to mention the extracurricular activities. However, with all this busyness, it’s odd that so many people have time to procrastinate. For those victims of procrastination, you are not alone. In fact, you’re the majority of the population.

Technology in the Modern Era

Proposing concerns on the development of modern technology, and the issues that it faces.

iPhone or Galaxy?

iPhones or Galaxy? Which one is truly better?
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Are you a Mac or a PC?

Since the 1990s, hardcore PC and Mac users have been waging an epic food fight over which system is better. Today, the argument is more philosophical: who’s good, who’s evil, who’s more brainwashed. Loyalty and noble claims aside, its about time we take a look at the facts to determine the real winner in this competition, at least as it pertains to your individual computing needs…
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The Controversial Expansion of Government Surveillance

Reporter, Won Chung, elaborates on the controversial topic of government surveillance.

Online Video Piracy

A debate on the possible pros and cons of online piracy are discussed.
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The Future of TSA

Parliamentarian Lisa Gardner talks about the members’ importance in the continuance of TSA.

Duty of the Treasurer

Treasurer, Ben Cutler, overviews his job and proposals for the 2013-2014 year.

A Tradition of Excellence

PA-TSA member, Steven Hoffman, discusses his experience in TSA.
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Duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms

Sergeant-at-Arms, Amanda Farah, writes about her duty and proposals for the year.

Duty of the Vice President

Vice President, Victoria Lee, provides us with information regarding her role in TSA this year.

Duty of the Secretary

Secretary, Samantha Horry, gives an overview of what she’s working on this year.

Duty of the Historian

Historian, Max Hunt, informs us about his uty in PA-TSA
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Duty of the Parliamentarian

Parliamentarian, Lisa Gardner, explains her role as Parliamentarian of PA-TSA along with her proposal for the upcoming year.
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Duty of the Reporter

Reporter, Won Chung, reports information regarding his duties and proposal for the upcoming year.


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