Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should my child bring to the state conference?

The suggested amount is $25. The state conference fee includes all meals except lunch and dinner on Wednesday (on the way to Seven Springs) and lunch on Saturday (on the way home). During the conference, students have access to a small shopping area, an arcade, mini-golf and bowling at the resort, so some extra spending money is recommended.

What kind of clothes should my child bring?

When not competing, students need casual clothing and a bathing suit if they want to go swimming. Most competitive events and all general meetings require B dress code (business attire).

  • For boys: dress pants, dress shirt and tie.
  • For girls: skirt or nice pants and a nice blouse.
  • During competition and meetings, jeans will not be allowed.
  • If your child is participating in the Chapter Team event, official TSA dress code is mandatory.

More about the dress code

Will my child be safe?

There is hotel security as well as TSA security throughout the conference twenty-four hours a day. Also, your child will meet with their advisor periodically, so an adult will always know where your child is at a given moment.

How can I reach my child?

Before your child leaves for the conference, you should obtain your chapter advisor’s cell phone number. In case you cannot reach the advisor, you can also call the Seven Springs resort: 1-866-437-1300.

What will my child do during free time?

The Seven Springs resort includes an arcade, indoor swimming pool, bowling, and mini-golf. Also, TSA offers different special interest sessions, and most students enjoy watching flight endurance, dragster design and other on-site events that are taking place.