Submit your project for the event gallery

If you’re interested in submitting a project to be featured in the event gallery, simply fill out this form with the basic information about your project. Once it is received, a state officer will follow up with you to receive the files you want posted.  

For display events, please have a high quality photo of your display prepared. If your display includes text, it is best to make sure it is legible in the picture

For events involving videos or multimedia productions, you may upload it to YouTube and share the link.

For documentation events, PDF files are preferred. You may choose how much of your project you are willing to share.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind: 

  • Your project must be entirely the work of your team and may not violate copyright law. If there are any copyright concerns, we will not be able to post your project.
  • As per National TSA’s event regulations, any aspect of your project that is not your original work must be cited, even if it is in the public domain. If copyrighted work was used in your project, you must have received written permission from the author. See the Copyright Checklist in the Competitive Event Guide for further instructions.
  • All team members involved in the project must approve of it being posted on the website. By submitting it, you confirm that everyone on your team has consented to its being posted on the PA-TSA Website.
  • Some events such as Future Technology Teacher have the same theme every year. Please keep this in mind when you decide whether or not to submit a project. 


Submit your project


For events that have themes that change every year, such as Biotechnology Design.

Attachments: A state officer will follow up with you to arrange for transfer of your files.