State Conference Contacts

State Conference Director
Lauren Lapinski
llapinski [at]
Chris Roth
Judges Manager
Registration/Tabulation Manager
Sherry Miller
registration [at]
Equipment Manager
Wayne McConahy
Signage & Exhibitors Manager Bob Rudolph &
Mike Flowers
Trophies Manager
John Bratton
jbratton [at]
Conference Technology Manager
Chris Miller
clmiller [at]
Online Submission & Scoring System
Ryan Ferry
Brain Herrold
TJ Cappelletti &
Dan Zollman
General Sessions Managers
Shelley Evans
Jason Kofmehl &
Chris Miller
sevans [at]
jkofmehl [at]
clmiller [at]
Social Media Manager
Jason Kofmehl
jkofmehl [at]
Seating Manager


Student Conference Participant Forms (Updated October 2020)
ALL participants MUST have these forms filled out and must be held with the chapter advisor during the Regional AND State Conferences.

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