What We've Learned From Remote Learning

Now that we have situated into the new school year and have access to in-person learning, it is important to reflect on what we have learned from our times on Zoom and our online conferences, and how we can use this to maximize our upcoming year. Last year, though the Pennsylvania TSA community did not get to gather together at Seven Springs, we managed to stay in school, compete in our events, and proudly represent ourselves as a delegation at our 2021 National Conference, even through a screen. It is important to remember the perseverance of Pennsylvania TSA, both as a whole delegation and through each of its individual members.

During the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, we were presented with ample freedom that pushed us to explore our creativity and interests beyond what we express in school and through our extra-curriculars. You may have picked up a new hobby, or even learned more about yourself. Having a higher awareness of yourself and your interests will help you pursue passions that will help you feel fulfilled. This can apply to choosing what TSA events to compete in for this upcoming season, but having a true understanding of your passions will aid you in searching for careers and lifestyles in your adulthood.

The inability to meet with our chapters and teammates in person pushed us to advance our communication and find new ways to complete our events with less access to our typical resources. Communicating often with our team members was key to succeeding in our events last year, and we can use the communication skills we have learned to ensure success for the upcoming season. As always, ensuring that everyone on your team is aware of what needs to get done and what progress has been made, as well as what tasks are delegated to different members will help your team succeed.

As mentioned earlier, last year we had to find creative solutions to completing our events and make many changes to our traditional submissions. Whether this was giving a speech on Zoom, submitting a virtual display, or taking an online test, most members in TSA were forced to modify their submission materials to make them compatible with virtual conferences. While this may have been frustrating, once again, we have now gained the skills to adapt our projects to current situations. Adaptability and flexibility are important skills to have in the workforce, and having these skills will also help ease your stress when you need to change something to match a certain situation.

As we transition into the new school year, I wish you the best of luck in your events this TSA season. However, I would like for you to congratulate yourself and your teammates for persevering through your schoolwork and activities. I am so excited to see what our delegation accomplishes this year, and I look forward to seeing you at the 44th State Conference.