Welcome to the Blog!

Hey PA-TSA! Welcome to the student officer blog! This year, we are excited to announce that we will be switching from the PA-Post format to a blog. Throughout the year, we will be uploading posts about TSA topics, like highlights, events, and ideas for your chapter. As the school year progresses, we hope that you will continue to check out the blog. Posts will be updated at least twice a month and will cover a plethora of different topics written by officers. 

This Monday, October 1st marks the start of National TSA Week! This year, TSA encourages you to share your TSA Week photos on social media with the hashtag #OneTSA, as well as plan and partake in other TSA related activities, like having your chapter wear TSA shirts on a designated day or watching STEM movies. To find out more information on National TSA Week, check out http://tsaweb.org/events-conferences/national-tsa-week. 

This year’s National TSA Week themes are:
My TSA Monday
Teammate Tuesday
#OneTSA Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Forever TSA Friday

National TSA week isn’t just a celebration of STEM education- it’s a celebration of each conference, member, and memory throughout TSA’s rich history. This year, I hope you’ll celebrate with us!

National TSA week is a great way to transition back into TSA season, which will be here before you know it! This year’s TSA conference theme is Model the Way- a core leadership practice that essentially means “setting an example”. This year (besides completing your events BEFORE the conference), set goals for yourself and your chapter to Model the Way. There are many ways that both members and chapters can Model the Way. For instance, chapters can reach out to elementary schools in their district and organize STEM activities and teach students about STEM topics. Individual members can inspire other members in their chapter by taking on a chapter officer or leadership role, or even something simple, like creating timelines in advance for their events. Feel free to post pictures of yourself or your chapter (tagged #OneTSA, of course) Modeling the Way, and we might even feature you in a future blog post! 

With TSA season upon us, I hope you have big ideas for the 2018-2019 season, PA-TSA. I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish this year! 

-Abigail Reigner