Virtual Session on Running for State Office

Olivia Crocker's picture

The state officers have decided to host two virtual sessions about running for state office. Because many interested members may have missed their opportunity to attend this regional session (due to illness-related officer absence at Region 8 or event conflicts with the session at any other conference) the state officer team believes that these virtual sessions will be an effective way to educate members about state office.


At this session, members can expect to:

  • Learn about state officer roles and responsibilities

  • Gain knowledge about the state organization

  • Learn how to apply for state office

  • Receive tips on how to run a successful state campaign

  • Ask officers any other questions!


In order to participate in the session, fill out this form with your information. The sessions will be conducted using Google Hangouts, an easily accessible video chat service. Even if you cannot video chat, if you have a microphone, you can participate in this session. Make sure that you have Google Chrome and download Google Hangouts (for free) before the session.


The state officers look forward to taking your questions about running for state office and helping you through the application process!