TEEAP Webinars

Hello Everyone!

In case you didn’t see or hear, TEEAP’s first STEM Webinar is being held Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 7 pm. This webinar is going to be a roundtable discussion style webinar with four different topics/moderators: Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Engineering Design, Electronics, Robotics, and Coding, Graphics and CADD/drafting.

This particular webinar (being the first) is going to be open to anyone regardless of TEEAP membership. Feel free to share this information with your other region teachers, colleagues, and anyone else that you feel may benefit from the discussion.

Anyone interested in attending can visit https://www.teeap.org/stemwebinars for a full list of our webinars and to register. Thank you all for your hard work in teaching in this new virtual format and staying flexible to meet the needs of all students right now.  I hope to see you in the webinar!

Molly Miller
TEEAP President-Elect