Team Bonding Outside of TSA: The SOT’s Trip to Hershey

Hey PA-TSA, happy new year! Over the winter break, members of the SOT rested up, but we also took a day trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania on January 1st. Though most of the SOT trips we go on are for PA-TSA, such as the Cabin Trip or Board of Directors meetings, we went to Hershey solely to bond as a team. Here’s how my day went. 

First, around noon, I left with Phillip Gao to go to Hershey. The drive was about two hours, so at 2:00, we arrived at the arena at Hershey to go ice skating. We waited for some other members to arrive, and then we got on our skates. I have some ice skating experience myself, so I even got to teach some of the officers some tricks like spins and lunges, and the importance of lacing your skates very tightly. If they are loose, your ankle will be wobbly and you won’t be able to skate as easily.

After skating for two hours, we headed to Hershey’s Chocolate World. It was raining heavily, so we did our best to get there without getting soaked. We went on a “Chocolate Tour” ride that showed us the process of making chocolate, and admired the vast amounts of candy and merchandise around us. We took some photos, and grabbed dinner at Chipotle.

The last activity we did was see the light show at Hershey’s Sweet Lights, which is a drive-through light show open during the holiday season. It took us about a half hour to drive through. After that, it was time for us to go home. It was around 6:00 at this point, so I got home at around 8:00 PM.

Even though the PA-TSA State Officer Team does lots of work, such as running committees, planning conferences, publishing social media content, carrying out personal initiatives, and much more, it is also just as important for us to spend time as friends. This helps us with working on projects and strengthening our dynamic.

As conferences are starting up soon, with some regional conferences taking place this month, it can be very beneficial for your teams to take some time to hang out as friends, not just teammates. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in your events!