Survey Help Needed

As you may recall, Chris Roth (acting as State Advisor) reached out back in January with information about a survey PA-TSA has launched to collect information on our membership. If you and your students already completed the survey, no need to do anything further. Thank you for your help! If you haven’t completed the survey, please take a few minutes to do so. Given our total membership, in order for the survey results to be meaningful and valid, we need to collect close to 400 responses. We presently have about 40. As our state conference participation this year included over 1,000 students, advisors, and judges, we are hopeful 400 will be feasible. Advisors, please feel free to forward to anyone in your TSA network (current students, alumni, parents, co-advisors, etc.). The more responses we get, the better! Data will be shared at the summer PA-TSA Board of Directors meeting.  See below for the original message and survey links.


Jason Kofmehl

PA-TSA President




January 29, 2021

PA-TSA needs your help as we are looking to collect information on our membership and their experiences while participating in the organization. Please click the appropriate link below and then answer questions honestly. The survey will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. If you wish to be included in a raffle for a small prize as a thank-you for completing this survey, you will be able to enter a valid email address in the last section.


Advisors, any encouragement you could offer your students to participate in this survey would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, we know this year is anything but typical. Reminders to complete this survey with the entirety of their TSA experience in mind would be beneficial.


Chris Roth

PA-TSA State Advisor


Student survey

Alumni survey

Advisor survey