Student Created Chapter Team Annotated Rubric

Hello PA-TSA! Happy New Year! For my new year’s resolution, I want to help all of PA-TSA improve their parliamentary procedure skills. Parliamentary procedure is a huge part of TSA, especially through the Chapter Team high school and middle school events. As our regional conferences come closer, I hope that you are all diligently preparing for chapter team. I hope that the parliamentary procedure study guide I created and posted to the PA-TSA website is helping you improve your parliamentary skills. If you didn’t see this article, the study guide can be found at the following link:


Study Guide Link:


As States approaches in the spring, many members begin to prepare for the semifinalist portion of Chapter Team, where teams have to run a judged business meeting. Over my seven years competing in TSA, I have learned that the most valuable resource each member has in order to prepare for an event is the event rubric, located in the National TSA Conference Competitive Events Guide. Understanding how each event is judged shows you how you need to prepare for an event, in order to maximize the points your team could earn.


I have created two annotated rubric presentations, one for Chapter Team High School and one for Chapter Team Middle School. Each rubric is the same rubric that appears in the most current Competitive Events guide, and is annotated with clarifications, advice, and warnings from students who have previously won the event. I hope these presentations help clarify the event for students and serve as a guide to how students should approach the event.


If you have any questions regarding the presentations or parliamentary procedure, please email me at parliamentarian [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->.


Disclaimer: These annotations are made by students for students. They are suggestions and clarifications based on our competitive event experiences, NOT a binding ruling from the judges.  


Annotated Rubric Presentation Links:

Chapter Team High School:

Chapter Team Middle School: