Student Committees for 2017-18

Have you ever wanted to make an impact on PA-TSA at the state level? If so, you should apply for one of PA-TSA’s five Student Committees! Participation in a committee offers a wide variety of benefits including the opportunity to interact with state-level leadership and get involved with statewide initiatives. Furthermore, Student Committees grant PA-TSA members the experience of working with students across the state in a collaborative manner, and ultimately ingrain students with a philosophy of leadership that will serve useful into the depths of their professional careers. Applications for committees are due on November 1, 2017; any member (MS/HS) can apply!


Communications and Promotions Committee: This committee is tasked with promoting PA-TSA through digital platforms and publishing PA-TSA’s student newsletter, the PA-POST. Committees Chairs Lyndsey Nedrow, Reporter, and Meysoon Quraishi, Historian, are looking for members who enjoy digital marketing, graphic design, and/or video editing, and seek to promote PA-TSA’s 40th Annual State Conference. Click here to apply


Conferences Sessions and Activities Committee: Chaired by Sergeant-at-Arms Charisma Hasan and Parliamentarian Julian Ginzburg, this newly-appointed committee’s purpose is to plan various Special Interest Sessions for the State Conference and render new and innovative ideas to improve our General Sessions in a continuous manner. If you would like to bring your creativity and ideas to PA-TSA’s 40th Annual State Conference, then this committee is for you! Click here to apply.


Corporate Outreach Committee: Through contacting various companies in the STEM industry, the Corporate Outreach Committee focuses on developing long-lasting relationships with corporations across Pennsylvania that will promote PA-TSA’s well-being. This committee is looking for passionate members of PA-TSA who are enthusiastic with the opportunity to advocate for PA-TSA at the industrial level. Click here to apply.


Membership Committee: Led by Chair Ben Abt, Vice-President, the Membership Committee’s purpose is to integrate PA-TSA’s membership through various initiatives. From developing informative packets to advising new members of PA-TSA, the committee’s primary task is guiding

new chapters to a sustainable path of success. Click here to apply.


National Service Project Committee: PA-TSA’s National Service Project Committee is dedicated to serving the American Cancer Society. Chaired by Treasurer Abigail Reigner, this committee will focus on increasing PA-TSA’s involvement in the Relay For Life and developing new ACS fundraising initiatives. Click here to apply.


To learn more about PA-TSA’s five student committees, please visit the PA-TSA Student Committee page, which features a plan of work and a description of the unique characteristics of each committee.


If you have any questions regarding student committees, feel free to contact the fitting committee chair via email. I am optimistic for your involvement in one of PA-TSA’s Student Committees this year and I hope to see you at PA-TSA’s 40th Annual State Conference!