State Officer candidates' statements for 2018-2019

18 student candidates are running for 6 elected and 2 appointed officer positions for 2018-2019. See below for the candidates’ names and campaign statements for the 6 elected positions.

During the PA-TSA State Conference, each chapter may send two student delegates to attend delegate meetings and vote for next year’s officers.

Abigail Reigner - President

Hi, PA-TSA. My name is Abigail Reigner, and I’m running to be your 2018-2019 State President. I’ve been attending after-school TSA meetings since I was 5, and I am incredibly fortunate to have grown up with TSA being a big part of my life. Along the way, I have learned many diverse skills through TSA, made great friends, and have had fantastic experiences. Last year, as your State Treasurer, I had the opportunity to learn more about TSA and work with you, the members.

As President, I’d strive most to support my fellow officers, and help them plan and execute their ideas. Furthermore, I want to hear any ideas that you may have for PA-TSA. I’d also like to increase communication between PA-TSA and the members by regularly utilizing popular social media, such as Instagram and Twitter.

One thing I’d like to accomplish is the establishment of a new committee, Regional Representatives. This committee would work with members from every region to communicate ideas and hear feedback from each region regarding their Regional Conference. This would be extremely beneficial to the State Officer Team, who cannot always attend every Regional Conference. In short, this committee would work to make each Regional Conference more exciting and engaging.

PA-TSA, Let’s give back to the organization that has done so much for us: Think Bigger, Vote for Reigner.

Bhargava Motupalli - Vice President

I’m running for the position of Vice President because I want to make TSA’s presence known not only in the engineering departments of our middle and high schools but the whole school and even the community. There have been numerous times when I was explaining what TSA was to other teachers in the building and parents of the community. That’s when I realized that TSA isn’t as well known as I’d thought is was. I realized that there could be so many of those who would love to be a part of TSA but aren’t only because they don’t know we exist. These students could be excelling in a certain aspect of engineering and want to be showing off their talent but don’t because they don’t know they could through TSA. That’s when I approached my chapter advisor and asked to take over social media for our chapter and became a part of the State Communications and Promotions Committee to further expose TSA to the rest of the world. I want to initiate an event at each high school on a day of National Engineering Week where a State Officer or a pair of students from our committees, particularly the Membership Committee, could go to local schools close to them who don’t have a TSA chapter and introduce TSA to them. I believe I should be elected because I have exceptional leadership skills, am a team player and am not afraid to be in the spotlight when I’m needed to be.

Lyndsey Nedrow - Vice President

Hey PA-TSA! How do you feel? My name is Lyndsey Nedrow. I am currently serving as your 2017-18 State Reporter and feeling great. This organization blows me away. Every year I meet so many amazing individuals with beautiful ideas for the future PA-TSA. That is why this year I am running to be your next State Vice President. Carrying out the duty of a state officer requires consideration of our membership’s voice. With the help of the Membership Committee I plan to create an idea submission tab on the PA-TSA website, publicize polls on social media, run surveys and interviews during the regional and state conferences, and finalize the new AskTSA Frequently Asked Questions page for our website. Furthermore, during my campaign I’ll be managing an idea suggestion survey to turn my campaign into our campaign. If you have any ideas for the future of TSA, I would love to hear them at I am ecstatic for this upcoming state season, and I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts! When our 40th conference finally rolls around the corner, remember, Look to Lyndsey and I will look to you.

Julian Ginzburg - Secretary

Hey PA-TSA! My name is Julian Ginzburg and I am asking for your support to be your next State Secretary. Over the past year, I have had the honor to serve you as your State Parliamentarian and as promised, I have implemented many of my campaign promises. I have created a fundraising page on the PA-TSA Website, created an award to recognize chapters that have raised money for the American Cancer Society, and improved our state’s special interest sessions as Chair of the Conference Sessions and Activities Committees. This year, I have also been serving as Chapter President and will be serving as the Region 5 President next year.

As Secretary, my goal is to improve corporate sponsorship within our state so as to ensure that all chapters have the ability to gain corporate sponsorships. In many ways, corporate sponsorships are a more effective way to raise money than fundraising. With corporate sponsorships, you are not taking money from your community, but rather creating an opportunity for corporations to help TSA and better their image. If elected, I will create a comprehensive set of materials that will provide instructions and resources to assist chapters in obtaining corporate sponsorships. I am also proposing that our state seek out companies to sponsor particular events at the State Conference. Through this sponsorship, companies would be able to provide qualified judges as well as money that would be awarded to event finalists. Vote Julian Ginzburg for State Secretary!

Charisma Hasan - Secretary

Welcome back to Class A season, PA-TSA! In the midst of saying goodbye to snow days and saying hello to your event-mates for the first time since regionals, I’d like to take a moment of your time to express my interest in leading you next year. My name is Charisma Hasan and it is my pleasure to be a candidate for your next State Secretary. For the last year, I have worked to improve our state delegation as your State Sergeant-at-Arms, and have enjoyed every moment of it. Although we will be “Celebrating Success” this year, I am committed to the future pursuit of prosperity for our organization.

In admiring PA-TSA and its development for the past four years, there is so much pride that anyone can see in each of our members, but like every aspiring mind, there is also the constant craving for improvement; this is what makes PA-TSA so great. The duty of a leader is not only to work over others, but, more importantly, to work with others. With this ideology in mind, my goal as your potential secretary is for TSA to help TSA—on the state, chapter, and individual level. In the short three days which we will soon have together, I’d love for you to get to know both myself and my campaign in full. Make sure to break in your heels and iron your blazer before Seven Springs, and best wishes until then!

Zoe Sweet - Secretary

Hello PA-TSA, my name is Zoe Sweet and I am running to be your PA-TSA 2018-19 State Secretary.

I am so lucky to be attending the state conference for my fourth year in a row. I look forward to meeting everyone this April. l I love TSA and all that it stands for. I am running for Secretary so I can give back to TSA for all that it has done for us, congratulations to all of you for everything you have accomplished so far!

Harold Geneen once said, “Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” I want to make sure my leadership is shown in my actions and not in my words alone. So, if you want to learn about my leadership roles and qualifications, come talk to me at the State Conference or email me at zoe.secretary [at] Remember, S for Sweet, S for Secretary!

Jonah Proepper - Treasurer

Hello, PA-TSA! My name is Jonah Proepper and I am running to be your 2018-19 State Treasurer. My TSA experience began as a seventh grader. Since then, I have continued to serve TSA as my Chapter’s Treasurer. At the state level, I currently serve as the Vice Chair of the National Service Project Committee, as well as a member of the Conference Sessions & Activities and Corporate Outreach Committees.

As your State Treasurer, there are three ideas I plan on implementing. First is providing event sponsors. Many successful members repeatedly struggle to attend the National Conference due to cost. To solve this problem, I have developed a plan to acquire corporate sponsors for events. These sponsorships will fund top placers, helping more members continue their success at the National Conference. Second is American Cancer Society fundraising at Regional Conferences. To increase our contribution and spread awareness, I plan on assisting NSP Committee members in holding fundraisers at their Regional Conference that benefit the ACS. Third is developing the “Event Resources” tab on the website. Currently, this tab is empty, but has the potential to serve as an incredible resource for new members and chapters to learn the ropes of TSA events. Developing this tab will allow us to continue our success in the many years to come.

As your State Treasurer, I will foster the success of PA-TSA, as well as enhance your TSA experience. When the time comes to cast your ballot, remember to vote the PROEPPER choice for Treasurer!

Nicholas Regos - Treasurer

Hello PA-TSA!! My name is Nicholas Regos and I am running to serve as your State Treasurer for the 2018/2019 school year. Ever since I attended my first state conference I knew that I wanted to run for a state office position. If elected as treasurer the top priority of my term in office will be to make chapter fundraising easier than it currently is. I plan to expand upon are current fundraisers at states and to create new fundraisers that appeal to a larger portion of our delegation.

In addition to holding new fundraisers at the state conference I plan to help chapters with their fundraising efforts by communicating with chapter advisors and their treasurers to help them with gathering fundraiser ideas for their chapter to fundraise for the American Cancer Society and towards paying for conferences. I also plan to introduce Chapter incentives at the state conference to entice chapters to fundraise for the American Cancer Society including priority seating at the general sessions.

In addition to my plans of expanding our fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society I plan to to work with the other elected officers to create a new and improved We are a technology-based organization and our current website doesn’t accurately represent PA-TSA.

I would be honored if you were to elect me to serve as treasurer of our great organization. Thank you and when you are voting remember to “Pick Nick” for your next State Treasurer!!

Dhaval Sharma - Treasurer

My name is Dhaval Sharma, and I am running for Pennsylvania TSA’s 2018-2019 State Treasurer. I am currently in high school and part of four different academic clubs. Within these clubs, I have seen different leadership strategies and ideas which have improved the clubs to which they are applied. With my background as a leader in my Karate Dojo since fifth grade, I have experience with avid brainstorming and properly managing time. I joined the Conference Session and Activities Committee this year, and have helped plan out the Trivia Night and Problem Solving Session.

When I started my TSA career two years ago in seventh grade, I fell in love with the club and everything it had to offer. From the wide variety of events to the amazing places I got to explore, TSA has given me so much to look forward to. Now it’s time for me to give back to this great organization. Throughout all of the competitions I have participated in, I have seen how the leaders of TSA help improve this club. I have engaged in my chapter’s fundraising activities, assisted in all of our community service programs, and provided assistance to my middle school’s Chapter Team. Due to this, I have decided that I want to take my ideas and initiatives to a greater level. If I become PA-TSA’s next State Treasurer, I will carry out my ideas and make this club even better than it already is. Vote Dhaval, I’ll give it my all.

Dhruv Agarwal - Reporter

Who am I? Well, my name is Dhruv Agarwal and I am running to be your 2018-2019 Reporter! Being a part of TSA for three years now, I have grown to love the students, chapters and community offered by this organization . I have had countless discussions with past National and State officers to fully prepare myself to be the right candidate for you! I would like to implement a PA-TSA App where you are able to find and read the PA Post so that students can keep up to date with all the latest info about TSA. Featured in this app would be a section of reminders; this could include updates and changes which will keep you organized. I also would like to create a PA-TSA Graphic Design Team, this will allow student to show off their skills in graphics and be featured in many projects such as the different State Committees, the PA Post, State handouts, etc. Furthermore, I have mastered many editing suites such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Blender, which enables me to develop multimedia for PA-TSA. Outside of TSA, I play Select soccer, have mastered a black belt in karate, and travel around the world. I know that I am the right candidate for Reporter and will guide PA-TSA to success and beyond. Now that you have gotten to know me, you should make the right move, and vote for Dhruv!

Sam Catania - Reporter

Why hello there “productive” member browsing! I’m Sam Catania, and I’m running to be your Reporter. I’m a qualified candidate, with a strong and REALISTIC platform. In short, that means instead of setting my scopes on vague statements like “reforming judging” or other improbable propositions that have previously failed about eight times, I’d like to get stuff done.

To start, the SOT could do a MUCH better job communicating with PA-TSA members. To me, that means ditching (or SERIOUSLY revamping) the outdated PA-Post in favor of a modern, useful, and engaging newsletter. One that people would WANT to read. I’d also like work on updating the website because it’s difficult to find things, and the design could use an update. A revision would also give us the opportunity to do things like integrating town hall type events, where members could directly communicate with State Officers

Regarding qualifications, I have a ton of experience in video production and scripting, which makes me very qualified for the position of Reporter. In fact, my younger brother and I started a business a few years ago that specializes in aerial video. We’ve worked with many paying clients including the Boy Scouts of America and ESF Camps. I also have loads of leadership experience, which I can tell you all about at states.

Well, that about uses up my word limit. I wish you all the best of luck in your events, and I’ll see you in Champion, PA!!!

Megan Cooper - Reporter

I am running for the office of state reporter because I feel that I possess numerous traits that would allow me to excel in this position. As a reporter, my duty is to oversee the production of the PA-POST. I am currently a writer for my school newspaper and have written numerous, published articles. As such, I would be ideally suited to cover assignments. I have excellent organization and communication skills and am proactive in order to get things done in a timely manner. My organization will lead to a meticulously structured PA-POST and immediate updates to the entirety of PA-TSA. My communication skills are also suited to keep in contact with the media for PA-TSA publicity. I will be readily accessible to receive necessary information. Lastly, I am a forward thinker. This will benefit me, as I will remain prepared for future assignments given by the president, or relating to the PA-POST. Relating to the officer position as a whole, I am a thoughtful and considerate leader. I understand that a leader is someone who inspires someone to be their best self. I set leadership goals so that my cohorts in TSA will understand that I am someone who is approachable and accepting of new ideas. I am open to advice and suggestions from my peers, so not only can PA-TSA become better, but I can personally grow as a leader as well.

Meysoon Quraishi - Reporter

Hey PA TSA! My name is Meysoon Quraishi and I am honored to be running as your 2018-2019 Reporter.

I can’t wait to take the experience I have gained through my positions as State Historian, Chapter President, and Communications and Promotions Committee member and to apply all that I have learned to furthering the online presence of this amazing association.

As historian I began the groundwork for creating an open dialogue among members by utilizing interactive elements of social media available within PATSA. As reporter, it will be my job to develop a social strategy and keep pace with the changing landscape of social media so that TSA is relevant to its members.

I will take charge of reinventing the PA-POST to be a catalyst for discourse to strengthen the TSA community. The post will aim to cultivate interest and quickly elicit responses from our members.

I have had the opportunity to meet many of you and I am energized by your talent and determination.Your support is essential and as members I urge you to get involved. To increase engagement. To harness our power responsibly. Let’s foster a dynamic environment where we come together to create a collective synergy.

We are creating the world of tomorrow, today. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see you at states!

Joshua Famous - Sergeant-at-Arms

Hello PA-TSA! My name is Joshua Famous, and I want to be your 2018-19 Sergeant at Arms. I am running for this position because I have some exciting ideas I’d like to share, and my fair share of experience to contribute to PA-TSA. This organization has done incredible things to define me, and I see this position as a chance to give back.

There are three goals I’d like to work towards in the next year. My primary objective would be selling basic competition materials at the State Conference. With two years of experience on Corporate Outreach Committee, I believe PA-TSA could obtain donations of materials like report covers, page protectors, safety goggles, and CDs, and sell them at Stag Pass to members who may have misplaced their event materials and are in dire need of a backup. I also want to institute a section of the website listing past state officers. This is a feature already used by many other states and would help to preserve the legacy of PA-TSA. Finally, I want to introduce daily scavenger hunts at the State Conference. Elaborate puzzles around the conference site would be a great way to get members out of their hotel rooms and moving around the conference, and if we get prizes donated, it would be a great competitive activity.

When our favorite time of year comes around this April, just remember: I’m not in it for the fame – I’m in it for us. Vote Famous for Sergeant at Arms!

Elliot Ginzburg - Sergeant-at-Arms

Hello PA-TSA. My name is Elliot Ginzburg and I am running to be PA-TSA’s next Sergeant at Arms. Competing and collaborating through my four years of TSA, I have seen the grins of happiness after winning events. After experiencing every level of competition, I began to understand the true spirit of TSA and the leadership that is needed to run such a successful organization. Serving as a two-time member of the Communications Committee, as well as being a part of the Membership Committee and the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee, I have learned what it takes to run a successful committee.

I take great interest and pride in members of PA-TSA who succeed in their events and in the work we do to improve our communities through service. TSA has inspired me each day to work to better my community. TSA has helped me to succeed throughout all aspects of my life. I have learned that success is driven in TSA through strong and qualified leaders. A strong leader is a person who comes with years of experience. I have held various chapter offices, including being a two-time chapter president. I have held PA-TSA’s past leadership in high regard and have become empowered to take the stage as Sergeant at Arms, with your support. PA-TSA, with your voice and backing, I look forward to showing you my plans for PA-TSA’s future.

Remember, Get it Done with Ginzburg. Together with a strong agenda we will go far.

Alex Slingluff - Sergeant-at-Arms

Hey PA TSA! My name is Alex Slingluff, and I feel strongly that I can help further our great organization as your next Sergeant at Arms. I am currently in 11th grade at Conestoga Valley High School, and I hold the office of Treasurer for our local chapter. As a passionate student who has been involved in TSA since 7th grade, I’m always looking for new ways to create an enjoyable and comfortable environment for every student in TSA. Bearing this in mind, we can certainly do more to ensure that each student’s voice is heard, as many of you have opinions that should be shared. To accomplish this, it is vital to increase communication between officers and students. By creating a messaging board for students to contact each of the state officers, we can allow easy access for each student’s concerns to be heard and allow our officers to devise solutions that improve our organization. Our knowledgeable officers are great resources that should be readily available for each student. I can’t wait to share all my ideas with you at the conference, and good luck working on each of your events!

Liza Smaliak - Sergeant-at-Arms

Hi PA-TSA! My name is Liza Smaliak, and I am running to be your next state sergeant-at-arms. When I first joined TSA in sixth grade, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into, or what impact TSA would have on my life. Now, four years later, I am still an active member of this amazing organization— except I am a better leader, I have more confidence, and I feel that I have grown to express my ideas better to other people. TSA has exposed me to a myriad of different career fields in STEAM, and I believe that is my duty as sergeant-at-arms to help other members accomplish the same. It is my goal to reach out to new or smaller chapters, making sure that they too are involved and kept up to date with the happenings of our delegation. As sergeant-at-arms, I hope to introduce new special interest sessions that not only ensure that everyone is well prepared for competition, but that they are having an enjoyable time in the process! In terms of social media, I plan on coordinating with the reporter in order to enhance our methods of communication throughout PA-TSA, and give all chapters a way to interact amongst each other, as there is currently not as much involvement throughout the state as there could be. In combination with my past experiences in chapter office, and my dedication, organization, and leadership abilities, I aspire to make TSA the best it can be.

Udit Subramanya - Sergeant-at-Arms

“What often looks like ‘smart’ or ‘successful’, is really just a combination of a bit of interest and a lot of persistence” — inspired by Thomas Edison. My name is Udit Subramanya, and those are the words that I live by. For the 2017-2018 PA-TSA state conference I am excited to be running as the Sergeant-At-Arms, so I can share my experience as Vice-President of my local TSA chapter with PA-TSA. My passion for VEX robotics originally lead me to experience TSA for the first time. Over the last 4 seasons, my perspective as team captain has shifted from simply winning, and more toward strengthening bonds with other competitors and more importantly my team members. In my local position as Vice President, this mindset enabled me to motivate nearly every new and existing member of our TSA chapter to qualify for TSA. Being the 2018-2019 Sergeant-At-Arms would make me responsible for setting up meetings and ensuring that all business is in order before meetings. Seeing as organization is an important part of my job, I wish to digitize the LEAP resume process. I plan to help create an online platform where each PA-TSA student has their own online profile. Members will be able to update and share their profile, while evaluators will have a more streamlined and organized process. My vision is update this platform as the years pass, and make it an effective tool for all TSA members. Now what’s left? You can do it! Vote for Udit!