State Officer Blog: TSA & Science Fair

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics all come together in one class at my school: Science Fair. TSA is very similar; the root of all TSA projects is curiosity. Picking my event for the first time, I had no clue what any of it meant yet. However, I found Go Green Manufacturing and Prepared Speech extremely interesting. This curiosity, and the curiosity in research, is the key of discovery.  My curious nature always loved to test little theories of mine. In 4th grade, I moved the recycling bin in my classroom to different locations to see if the position affected the amount people recycled. The experiment ended when I found that positioning the bin in a more convenient site increased its use; however, it was mostly filled with dead markers and other non-recyclable trash.

Despite these childhood frustrations, I decided to take Science Fair when I reached high school. I found myself diving deeper into studies on adolescent circadian rhythms. I read reports suggesting the traditional school schedule conflicts with academic performance. Feeling sleep deprived myself just like any other TSA member, I tested this hypothesis in my school. I was not able to eliminate all variables, but with strong research and a solid lab report, I was able to make a compelling claim towards change in my school.

Ironically, this year my determination to pursue Science Fair again overpowered my desire to actually sleep. With no available space in my class schedule, I agreed to carry out my research as independent study. I spend lunchtime in my science teacher’s classroom researching my new project on dress code policy. Yes, dress code. Through research, you can take a scientific approach to anything. That is why TSA is so important- it develops our curiosity and shines a light on the importance of STEM in our life. I encourage all of you to take what you’ve discovered in TSA and apply it to your own life. Make something, say something, or do something that will change our future for the better. I hope you all have a wonderful school year ahead of you. Make sure to say hi at States!


Lyndsey Nedrow

Vice President 2018-2019