State Officer Blog: TSA Is All About The Competitive Events

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By: Elliot Ginzburg

We all join TSA for a reason. Perhaps we see posters advertising the competitive events, or we hear about the all-inclusive conferences. Whether you’ve experienced the former or the latter, or something wildly different, we have all experienced the dynamic culture of TSA. 

TSA was the starting point of the life I now live, and it has given me so much since I first joined. As a sixth grader, TSA excited me because I had the opportunities to explore beyond what I thought was possible and accomplish it: building a catapult, designing innovative water infrastructure for people in need, you name it. Going above and beyond was championed in TSA, a place where anything and everything was within my grasp. Joining TSA allowed me to adapt, to learn, to try new things, and to grow — grow as a competitor, a student, a leader, and a person.

TSA is founded upon the commitment of the member to succeed in competitions that they love. No matter who the person, what the interest, every person can find a home at TSA. Whether it is doing research on a topic you are passionate about, or constructing robots to do work that humans alone are incapable of, TSA provides a platform for succeeding along every avenue and within every field. Here at TSA, there are no limitations or regulations on what you can and can’t do. Everything is left open for you, the diligent and ardent member, to try. And TSA isn’t only just about STEM; it encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, engagements, fields of knowledge, and genres through which every individual can find their place. Whether it is designing the most trendy fashion models of the twenty-first century, or expounding on the nature of parliamentary procedure in both text and oral formats, TSA allows each and every person to strive for their dreams and desires, and recognizes them for their efforts in driving the modern world forward.

TSA provides a myriad of opportunities, outlets, and programs for students to be successful in. These initiatives progress from regional competitions that pit local chapter against chapter; to the more elaborate and all-encompassing States Conference, the stage through which students’ achievements gain collective recognition; and then finally the National Conference where we meet a variety of cultures and competitive edges from students in Kansas all the way to Germany. I want to encourage you all, as members of PA-TSA, to dominate the competition at every stage and to challenge yourself to rise to the next level of academic excellence — whether that is through trying something new, progressing in what you already know, or amassing a resume of success over the course of the time spent in TSA. Ultimately, that means asking you to be yourself. Do what you want, do what makes you different, embody the uniqueness that resides in every single one of you. Don’t be afraid of challenges or difficulties, but instead work together to overcome them as a team. Don’t be stymied of the competition out there, but double down on your efforts to participate in it. And above all, don’t be afraid of showing who you are through your competitive events, no matter which level — regional, state, national — you are engaging in. Be strong, be persistent, and be yourself. That’s what TSA is all about.