State Officer Blog: Procrastination

Dear Procrastinators,

Many people see me as a doer; however, I suffered from the same virus as everyone else: procrastination. I have spent a lot of time finding other things to do instead of my math homework or whatever it may be that night. I make lists. I clean my room again. I scroll through the same social media feed without even reading any posts. I suspect coming up on our Regional Conferences many of us have or will pull all-nighters. For anyone like me who finds themselves procrastinating a little more then they’d like, here are some tips….

  • You can’t eat an elephant in one bite

I know, this sounds very weird, but it is also very true. A lot of our tasks or projects can easily be split up into more manageable pieces. Make your own schedule for completing these smaller tasks. Give this schedule to a friend. Or, if that also sounds pretty weird, write out these self-made due dates somewhere you will frequently see them. That way the Superego part of yourself guilt you into doing something earlier than the day before.

  • Make HELPFUL lists

I love lists. However, I started to make lists instead of actually doing what I put on those lists. I even put tasks on the list that I already did so I could have the feeling of checking them off. Along with this, I would often do meaningful tasks that were not urgent instead of focusing on the critical projects that immediately required my attention. To counteract these bad habits, I started to make to-do lists that were sorted into four categories; Important and urgent, not important and urgent, important and not urgent, and finally, not important and not urgent. This, again, sorts an overwhelming number of tasks into manageable pieces. Take the stress day by day and focus on the important and urgent column before moving onto the other categories.

  • Make time  

Sadly, there are only 24 hours in a day. But it is interesting to note how much of that time is wasted. If you can’t quite get all your homework done the night before, then finish it on the bus, during a boring class that you normally don’t pay attention to anyway, lunch, before the bell, etc. I find myself most productive at school. I cannot take a nap or watch Netflix, so I might as well use as much of that time as possible. Then, you can go home and actually enjoy your newly found free time.

  • Breathe

Yeah, I know, clique, but listen. If it doesn’t affect you in five years, then don’t spend more than five minutes worrying about it. Grades are not life or death and do not dictate your value. You got this

I hope you all find some value in this advice as you plan for the State Conference and your future life endeavors. Don’t be a stranger at States! I’d love to talk to all of you so stop by Stag and say hi. Good luck in your events.


Lyndsey Nedrow

2018-19 PA-TSA Vice President