State Officer Blog: National Service Project


As many of you know, TSA’s National Service Project is the American Cancer Society. In Pennsylvania, we have held a reputation of being the “fundraising pros” because of the impressive effort chapters put into raising money. However, in the past year, members have reached out to me with interests in getting involved with ACS fundraising. In this post, I will provide some fundraising tips, as well as opportunities to be recognized for your outstanding efforts!

There are multiple ways chapters have contributed towards the American Cancer Society. The most popular method is attending a Relay for Life event in your area. Contact the coordinator of your local Relay for Life and volunteer at the event, or even register a team to participate. Another easy way of raising money that my school has found successful is canning at sporting events. Contact your school’s Athletic Director and get permission to have volunteers ask attendees for ACS donations at the entrance to various events. An additional fundraiser that chapters have found effective are Spaghetti Dinners. Work with your chapter to organize a dinner and donate all the admission proceeds to the ACS. If your chapter is struggling to find a fundraiser, please feel free to contact me at treasurer [at] and I will be happy to help you execute one!

For those of you who have already fund-raised with your chapter, or plan to fundraise before states, consider applying for both the Spirit of Service award and Reserved Seating incentive. Regardless of the amount your chapter contributed, submit an application for PA’s Spirit of Service award by March 23, 2019. Contributions of various amounts will have the opportunity to be recognized. Another way to be rewarded for your fundraising is through the new Reserved Seating incentive. The applications submitted before April 1, 2019 will be reviewed by the State Officer Team and two chapters will be selected for reserved seating at one of the general sessions at the State Conference. Please apply for both of these recognition opportunities (links are below)!

Spirit of Service Award:…

Reserved Seating Opportunity:…

The State Officer Team has also planned various ACS fundraisers for the State Conference. Along with the traditional donation based Special Interest Sessions, remember to bring your donations for the annual Miracle Minute. We need your help to beat last year’s record of $1000!

As the State Conference is approaching fast, I wish you all good luck in preparing for your events. I am looking forward to seeing you all in a few short weeks!


Jonah Proepper

PA-TSA Treasurer