State Officer Blog: Advancing Our World

Nearly two million years ago, humans created stone tools to help them in their everyday life. Now in the year 2018, and we have sent an electric car into space. Technology is changing the way we perceive the world; it changes the way we communicate, interact, and impact our society. As members of the Technology Student Association, we need to continually create new inventions & innovations for the betterment of society.

A question that always comes up is “why do we need new technology?”, but I think the answer is simple: we need to create solutions to problems that we face. When we have problems or issues we tend to try and resolve them, creating new solutions to solve the issue. In the early 1900’s, it was a mere imagination for us to be able to fly to one place to another, but a few years later, the Wright Brothers had created the first ever plane, revolutionizing aerospace. The only other discovery of flight before the plane was the first hot air balloon flight, taken in 1783. After the invention of the plane by the Wright brothers, the aerospace industry was hard at work to make travel a reality. 24 years later, Charles Lindbergh completed the first nonstop transatlantic flight. Shortly after, the jet engine had been invented, allowing for planes to travel further in a  shorter amount of time. This is used to this day for all commercial aircraft in operation. After the invention of the aircraft, we decided to apply our vision towards something that could take us to the unknown: Space.

In 1946, the US had sent out a rocket that had reached the edge of space. From that point on we had conducted many missions into space, but then in 1969, the US had accomplished an amazing goal, putting the first person on the moon. We had explored the vast beyond; the curiosity of what is up above, glaring at us day to day, had been reached. We had accomplished what people dream about, landing onto the moon. Now that we had reached the moon, we wanted to think bigger, do the impossible, travel to Mars.

Billionaire Elon Musk currently owns a company by the name of SpaceX. With the help of NASA, they want to travel to the Red Planet: Mars. Their goal is simple, to colonize Mars, yet they still have much to do. They want to send the first manned mission by 2024. Musk’s end goal is for a permanent Martian colony. In order to colonize Mars, it needs to establish an off-world economy. The government has already invested 3 billion dollars, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One issue with the goal of SpaceX is that currently will be a “high risk of death”, but it was also said that new advancements in technology will be able to keep the travelers alive and well.  Another project that NASA is executing is the Orion. It is said that it will be able to take 2-4 astronauts into space and back to earth. It will even be capable to reach Mars and back. The Orion will be active after it passes the International Space Station, and will be carried by the Space Launch System (SLS). The plan for Orion is to be able to reach Mars so that astronauts can examine life on Mars, and then to report back to NASA. Our travel to Mars will be exciting. It will provide us with answers to what is up above, but also keep us questioning.

The scientific inventions we use today helps us with one goal: advancing our future. We use our inventions everyday - from sending text messages to communicate with our friends, to plugging in a quadratic equation into a TI-84 calculator. Technology is the reason why we are able to help the people around us. The advancements in technology help us figure out problems and to cure our curiosity. We are curious about things that are unknown to us, and so we figure them out. Fictional character Tony Stark had said “ …that up there, that’s the endgame”, which is why we take a look at space above us, so that we can finally solve problems and help us answer the many questions that we have.


Dhruv Agarwal, PA-TSA Historian