State Conference update - March 13, 2022

State Conference 2022 – update March 13, 2022


Judges Needed! – We currently have about half the judges we will need to successfully run all competitive events at this year’s State Conference. Thank you to all of you that have already completed the judging form. You will receive your judging assignments as the conference gets closer. If you have not yet signed up, please consider doing so. Advisors make great event coordinators and judges for events at the opposite level (i.e. high school advisors coordinate/judge middle school events). Alumni, chaperones, parents can also judge either in person at Seven Springs or virtually. To sign up, please complete the form on the PA-TSA website.


Schedule - The tentative competitive event schedule has been posted on the PA-TSA website under the State Conference section. Students and advisors should consult this schedule when planning events. Times are not flexible, unless specifically noted. It is imperative that students show up for events on time or risk potential disqualification. Try to select competitive events that do not conflict timewise. If a time conflict exists, please consult the event coordinator a minimum of one hour prior to the event. While we will try to work with you, a solution may not be possible. Students arriving late for an event, without prior permission, will not be allowed to compete.


READ-READ-READ document – The purpose of the READ-READ-READ document is to communicate important conference information and explain any changes that need to be made to the competitive event rules. Please access this on the State Conference section of the PA-TSA website and read it carefully.


Sign-ups and Semifinalist Postings – All semifinalist postings and sign-ups will take place online this year. This applies to all events that require a time sign-up (demonstration, semifinalist interview, etc). The boards outside Grand Ballroom will NOT be used this year. A kiosk will be available outside Stag Pass should any participant have difficulty accessing the online system via their own devices.


Testing – All testing will be done electronically this year in the Snowflake and Sunburst Rooms. Testing will be open from 5-10PM on Wednesday night and 9:30AM-12PM on Thursday. No make-up tests will be permitted. Participants must be in Dress Code C or better for the test portion of an event. As testing is electronic, participants will NOT need to bring #2 pencils. If a participant needs to take more than one test, they will need to exit the testing room upon completion of the first test, get back in line, and reenter the room for their next test. For team events, all members of the team must take the test at the same time.


Conference Program – The information contained in the conference program will be accessible in a digital format this year. As a result, each chapter will receive 10 printed of the copies of the program. This is a change from previous years where each participant received a printed hard copy.




March 18: iServices opens for conference registration

March 25: hotel reservations due to Seven Springs

April 1: conference registration closes

April 6-13: early submission window open, closes at 11:59PM ON 4/13