State Conference 2022 - update 1/31/22

State Conference 2022 – update January 31, 2022

*Given the continuously changing nature of the world and various recommendations from reputable sources, this plan reflects this moment in time. It may be necessary to modify this plan leading up to and during the state conference. 


The 2022 PA-TSA State Conference will take place in-person at Seven Springs Resort, April 20-23. A select number of events will be available for those individuals/schools who elect to participate virtually (see event matrix).

rationale: An in-person conference provides TSA students with the best opportunity to experience all that TSA has to offer. With mitigation efforts in place (more details will be forthcoming regarding mitigation), the conference planning team believes we can safely facilitate an in-person conference this year. Conference rates and reservation forms can be found within the State Conference section of the PA-TSA website.


Participants will wear face coverings while participating in in-person conference activities at Seven Springs. 

rationale: Face coverings are recommended in all indoor school settings by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and many TSA-participating schools require students and staff to wear face coverings while inside. This requirement will be continually re-evaluated as the conference approaches.


It is left to the discretion of the chapter advisor(s) as to how a chapter participates – virtually or in-person. It is permissible for a chapter to split: some members participate in-person while others participate virtually. An adult advisor must accompany chapter members who participate in the in-person conference. Virtual participation will be limited to those events designated as virtual on the event matrix. An in-person group may include virtual group members as long as at least one person from the group is present on-site. Zooms will only be an option for events designated as having a virtual option.

rationale: This flexibility makes it possible for a greater number of students to participate in a format that is comfortable for them while not posing a significant logistical challenge to the conference planning team and keeping the playing field as close to level as possible for all competitors.


The in-person conference and virtual conference will follow the same conference schedule. 

rationale: Students participating in-person and virtually should be excused from the school day to participate in TSA activities during the conference. The conference schedule, as well as any necessary event modifications, will be published a minimum of one month prior to the start of the conference. 


The conference registration fee will be the same for in-person and virtual participants - $60. 

rationale: The conference registration fee will cover administrative costs, trophies, finalist pins, and conference t-shirts. Regardless of method of participation, PA-TSA incurs the same cost per participant. Virtual participants will receive their awards and t-shirts after the conference. 


Some entries for select competitive events will be due prior to the start of the in-person conference.

rationale: In an effort to increase flexibility for judges and more closely mirror procedures used by National TSA, registered participants will need to submit their entries for certain events by April 13, 2022, 11:59PM. See the event matrix for a listing of which events require early submission.


Participation forms will be digital in format for the 2022 State Conference. 

rationale: In previous years, all PA-TSA participants were required to complete and sign a series of paper forms to participate in the State Conference. This year, the forms have been converted to a digital format (google form) as a means of increasing accessibility for advisors and the state conference planning team. Chapter advisors will need to share the digital participation form with their chapter members and collect responses from all participants prior to departure for the State Conference. It is not necessary to share the information collected with the state conference planning team but instead advisors should be able to do so, if occasion requires. Please contact your regional coordinator if you have not yet received the form and accompanying instructions.




March 18: iServices opens for conference registration

March 25: hotel reservations due to Seven Springs

April 1: conference registration closes

April 6-13: early submission window open, closes at 11:59PM ON 4/13