Seven Springs reservation forms now available

The hotel reservation forms for the 2023 State Conference are now available on the state conference section of the PA-TSA website. 
A few things to note: 
1- Reservations will now only be accepted via email and the person accepting those reservations is no longer the same person as previous year. The email address for the new contact is on the reservation forms. 
2- Reservations AND payment must be received by March 1, 2023. While checks can be mailed ahead of time (no longer accepted at front desk check in), Seven Springs would prefer credit card payment for ease of transaction. Do not send a credit card number but instead provide the phone number of a person/business office to contact to process the transaction. 
3- The lodging policy agreed upon by PA-TSA and Seven Springs remains in effect. Please see the state conference section of the website for details. 

Any questions/concerns, please contact me. 

Lauren Lapinski
PA-TSA State Conference Director

llapinski [at]