Schedule Change, General Session Seating, and Judging

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Due to renovations at Seven Springs, it has been necessary to alter the conference schedule from what was posted at the beginning of February. Please take a few moments to review the new schedules, now available on the State Conference page of the PA-TSA website. The most noteworthy changes have to do with the drop-off and pick-up of display events. Check out the below chart for an overview of the changes.

No drop-off, as events are submitted online ahead of time

3D Animation

Video Game Design (MS)

Video Game Design (HS)

*please note, there are other events that require early submission for part of the event, full listing is available on the State Conference page of the PA-TSA website

Drop-off in Seasons #2-5


Children’s Stories (HS)

Children’s Stories (MS)

Microcontroller Design

PA-Safety Illustration (MS)

PA-Safety Illustration (HS)


Drop-off in the Grand Ballroom

Digital Video Production

Future Technology and Engineering Teacher

Music Production

Photographic Technology

Promotional Design


Software Development

Career Prep

Community Service Video

Digital Photography

Promotional Marketing

STEM Animation

Drop off in Winterberry (formerly Festival Hall)

Architectural Design

Biotechnology Design

Board Game Design

Engineering Design

Fashion Design and Technology

PA-Electronic Research & Experimentation

PA-Logo Design

PA-Materials Process


Construction Challenge

Inventions and Innovations

Mass Production

Medical Technology

Off the Grid

PA-Logo Design

PA-Materials Process


GENERAL SESSION SEATING: As a result of continued growth in membership, the first two general sessions (the opening ceremony and the business meeting) at this year’s State Conference will allow for first-come, first-serve seating. Schools will not be expected to sit by region, as they have in past years. The third general session (the awards’ ceremony) will use the same seating protocol as past years. Pay attention to announcements during the business meeting to learn where your school will sit for the awards’ ceremony.


JUDGING: While our judging situation is no longer desperate, we are still in need of judges for several competitive events. Advisors make fantastic judges! If you have other adults traveling with your school, judging is a great way to give them a behind-the-scenes look at how PA-TSA works. Please fill out the judging form found here: or email me directly.


As always, let me know if you have any questions/concerns. Look forward to seeing you all soon!


Lauren Lapinski

PA-TSA State Conference Director

llapinski [at]