Resolution for 2018 Business Meeting

Below is a proposed resolution that has been reviewed by the PA-TSA, Inc. Bylaw committee.  The Resolution is properly formatted and submitted to the student membership for consideration at the April 2018 Business Meeting.  

Whereas, In the most answered poll on, 85% of voters answered that they were in favor of adopting a team award in PA-TSA, where the top chapters based on event placements receive an award; and

Whereas, Many PA-TSA chapters lack publicity in their communities due to the absence of a concrete award which the local media could report on; and

Whereas, Many prominent states in TSA, such as Florida, Georgia, and Texas, already present team awards to their respective state delegations; and

Whereas, In PA-TSA, there is no team incentive to perform well in Competitive Events; and

Whereas, Many other prevalent STEM student organizations, such as Science Olympiad, give team awards to their top performing chapters; therefore, be it

Resolved, PA-TSA will present chapter awards for top performing chapters based on event placements at the State Conference, with the award being presented to the top 3 performing chapters at both the middle school and high school level.

Resolved, That in each event, 15 points will be awarded to the chapter of the individual of the team earning first place, 12 points to the second place winner, 10 points to the third place winner, 8 points to the fourth place winner, 6 points to the fifth place winner, 5 points to the sixth place winner, 4 points to the seventh place winner, 3 points to the eighth place winner, 2 points to the ninth place winner, and 1 point to the tenth place winner.

Resolved, That to engage smaller schools, there shall also be an efficiency award, which shall be calculated by dividing the total number of points that a school earns by the number of chapter members competing at the State Conference, and the efficiency award shall be given to the top 3 schools in both the middle school and high school levels with the highest amount of points per member, and if a school has less than ten members, the minimum number of members used in the calculation shall be ten because the National TSA minimum number of members to affiliate is ten.

Resolved, In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker shall be determined on the basis of the number of first place finishes that a chapter achieves at that given year’s State Conference, and the school with the higher amount of first place finishes shall win the tie-breaker, and if the number of earned first places is equivalent for the tied chapters, then the tie-breaker shall be determined based on the number of second places, and if that quantity is tied, then the tie-breaker will be determined based on third place, and so on until tenth place if there is a tie in such categories, and in the event of a tie in all categories from first through tenth place, a dual award shall be presented to the tied chapters.

Respectfully submitted,

Nicholas J. Merriam

Harriton TSA