Reminders before you depart for Seven Springs

I’ve got a few quick notes and reminders for you before you depart for Seven Springs:

1. State Conference Registration – You must bring your registration check with you to registration on Wednesday night. You will not be able to pick up any registration materials until you are paid in full. Checks should be payable to PA-TSA. Payment for the hotel must also be received by Seven Springs by the time you arrive. Please review our no-show policy at, that will go into effect should there be cancellations.

2. Event Registration – please check all event registration carefully prior to arrival onsite. Adding a student or team to an event on-site will NOT be possible as materials, timing, judges and other logistics are based on pre-registered numbers. If you notice a problem with your event registration now, please contact me immediately.

3. LEAP – All middle school and high school events require a LEAP document. As per the competitive event rules, the first step for all events now involves the submission of an individual or team LEAP document. If competitors do not have this component, they will be turned away and not permitted to compete in the event. Please visit the National TSA website for further information regarding LEAP expectations and procedures. PA-only events do not require a LEAP resume/document.

4. Event Updates

  • Please make sure all projects have student and/or team ID#’s on all parts of all projects before arriving at event check in. ID#’s can be obtained from iServices at any time. No stickers will be available on-site.
  • As competitive event regulations change every two years, please make sure to double-check rules to determine what supplies/equipment will be provided by PA-TSA and what supplies/equipment are the responsibility of the chapter/individual.
  • READ document and Updates/Clarifications – Please make sure you are taking the time to read the information found in the READ documents (located here: and the information found in the Updates/Clarifications section of the National TSA website (found here: All rule changes are noted here and will be utilized at the State Conference.
  • Test Sessions – for all events that have a testing component, test sessions will once again be held on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Please note the following:
    • For all team events, all team members must take the test during the same session or the team will be disqualified.
    • No one will be permitted to enter after testing has begun, even if the student would have enough time remaining for the test, as late arrivals cause a distraction for those testing.
    • Students taking multiple tests must plan ahead so they can complete all tests during the given sessions. Only one test may be taken per session.
    • Each level will have five testing sessions – please consult the schedule for times. There will be no tests given after the final testing session.
    • LEAP resumes/documents will be collected for all events before admission to the testing room is permitted.
    • 2018 test session times: W 5:30-6:30PM (MS), W 6:45-7:45PM (HS), W 8-9PM (MS & HS), W 9-10PM (MS & HS), Th 9:30-10:30AM (MS & HS), Th 10:30-11:30AM (MS & HS)
    • As an additional option, we will also be offering electronic testing for all events. Students can report to the Evergreen Room beginning at 5PM on Wednesday evening to take any of the tests. The above procedures will be in effect, with the exception of the timed sessions. Students can report at any time and wait for an open computer station to take their tests.

5. Feedback form – Please remind students that we will be using the event feedback form again this year. The form can be found here:

6. Lodging - Please note that we will once again be utilizing various lodgings at Seven Springs -the hotel, the chalets, the condos, and rooms at Hidden Valley. So as to avoid unloading in the wrong location, please send one representative into the front desk when you arrive to learn your location prior to unloading buses. Alternatively, you can call Seven Springs to learn this information. If you are to call Seven Springs, please understand that changes to room assignments will not be possible at this late date.

7. Shuttles to and from the condos will run on a continuous basis during TSA operating hours. Shuttles will stop at the locations noted on the maps found on the PA-TSA website. Map will also be provided at check-in, to those staying in the condos.  Please plan ahead to allow yourself enough time to get to the conference center, especially during high traffic times.

8. Breakfast on Thursday will be served in multiple locations – Slopeside Dining, Timbers, Bavarian Lounge, Matterhorn Lounge, Alpine Room - so as to be able to accommodate the large volume of people eating prior to the Opening Session. Breakfast meal tickets will be honored in the same way at all locations.

9.  Finalist Postings can be found on-line as they are updated. A link will be added to our main page when the conference starts.

10. General Session Seating – As a result of continued growth in membership, the first two general sessions (the opening ceremony and the business meeting) at this year’s State Conference will allow for first-come, first-serve seating. Schools will not be expected to sit by region, as they have in past years. The third general session (the awards’ ceremony) will use the same seating protocol as past years. Pay attention to announcements during the business meeting to learn where your school will sit for the awards’ ceremony.

11. Special interest sessions – Please visit the State Conference section of the website for the list of this year’s Special Interest Sessions. These interesting and informative sessions are a valuable way to spend your free time during the conference.

  • Correction to the program: The Penn College of Technology “You Can’t Be, What You Can’t See” Middle School special interest session previously scheduled for 12-1PM on Friday has been canceled. The High School version of the session will run as scheduled on Thursday from 12-1PM in the Matterhorn Lounge.
  • Addition to the program: The PA-TSA State Officers will be offering an additional special interest session entitled “Obtain Corporate Sponsors for your Chapter.” This session will take place from 6-7PM in the Matterhorn Lounge on Thursday. See the state officers for more information.

12. While our judging needs are fairly well met, there are always last minute adjustments necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. If you or someone traveling with your group is willing to help out with a judging responsibility, please stop by the Wintergreen Room. PA-TSA is the fantastic organization it is because of the volunteers.


Please contact me with any questions/concerns regarding the State Conference or competitive events. Looking forward to another great conference – see you soon!

Lauren Lapinski

State Conference Director

llapinski [at] ()