Regional Special Interest Session

Members that have gone to the PA-TSA State Conference before have all seen our PA-TSA State Officers at work. Becoming a PA-TSA State Officer is a rewarding and challenging experience, one that I would recommend to all those interested. However, the PA-TSA Officer Elections can be a scary and intimidating process to members unfamiliar to the process. I have feared in the past that some interested members might not be attempting to run for office solely because they did not know how to.

To solve this problem, the State Officer Team has created a series of Regional Special Interest Sessions that will be run by a member of the current PA-TSA State Officer Team at each regional conference. The team has insider knowledge on tips and procedures about the elections, and we wish to share all of our knowledge with interested members. I would urge all members who are even considering and interest in running for State Office to attend their Regional Special Interest session (times and scheduling which can be checked on each region’s conference schedule) to hear valuable advice about required paperwork, campaigning, business cards, and speeches.

The goal of these sessions are to encourage all members interested to run for State Office and to feel prepared and confident to do so. This will create an exceptionally talented and prepared pool of candidates from which to choose our PA-TSA State Officers. Becoming a State Officer is a very valuable experience, and nobody would want a TSA member to feel unprepared to attempt to become an officer. A large facet of TSA is leadership opportunities, and these Regional Special Interest sessions would help serve to increase leadership opportunities for all TSA members.

All Interested PA-TSA members are invited to attend their Regional Special Interest Session. This is a great opportunity to meet members of the PA-TSA State Officer Team and learn from our election experience. We are all eager to share as much advice as possible and to meet as many members as we can, so we can hear your ideas to improve TSA and learn from each one of you. Once again, please be aware of this great opportunity and make sure to stop by during your Regional Conference. The State Officer team can’t wait to see you all there!