Regional Required Events

These are certainly unusual days, to say the least. As some of you are beginning planning your TSA season, we wanted to share with you the proposed list of regional required events. These are the events that all regional conferences must facilitate. Given that regional conferences will be virtual this year, the list we’ve used in the past wouldn’t work. We took a look at the new event rules, worked with the state officer team to gain a student perspective, and came up with the below list of required regional events. These events were selected for the following reasons: components evaluated during the preliminary round of the event, the number of students potentially involved, ease of timing and logistics, the likelihood of finding judges with the necessary technical expertise, and event popularity. Events that are deemed as required for regionals will also be qualifiers for States for the 2020-21 school year.

PA- Only Events have not been forgotten about.  We are currently evaluating each of the PA-Only Events in the conversion process to a virtual format. 

This list is not by any means a finalized list.  We are looking for your input.  We have already received input from the State Officer Team, Regional Coordinators, as well as various Board Members. If you would like to provide input, please email Jason Kofmehl (jkofmehl [at]<!--target="_blank"-->) or Lauren Lapinski (llapinski [at]<!--target="_blank"-->). It is our hope to have this list finalized in the near future so any feedback would be appreciated this week.

Regional Required/ State Qualifier Events

High School (14 Events)

Middle School (12 Events)

Architectural Design

Challenging Technology Issues

Biotechnology Design

Children’s Stories

Board Game Design

Digital Photography

Children’s Stories

Inventions and Innovations

Engineering Design

Leadership Strategies

Essays on Technology

Mass Production

Extemporaneous Speech

Medical Technology Issues

Future Technology & Engineering Teacher

Off the Grid

Music Production

Prepared Speech

Prepared Presentation

Promotional Marketing

Promotional Design

STEM Animation


Website Design

Transportation Modeling




We look forward to hearing from you,

Jason & Lauren