President's Update: July and August 2015

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Hello PA-TSA! As the days grow shorter and school becomes a reality, your state officers are working diligently to prepare for the coming year. The state officer team has been planning the 2016 state conference and researching improvements to make the conference as streamlined and fun as possible. At the Millersville conference in July, the officers also presented new proposals to the Board of Directors, many of which will be implemented this year. The proposals are as follows:

  • As a team, we would like to increase communication to the membership, which is why we encourage you to join our email list at, follow us on social media, and look out for our quarterly PA-Post editions!

  • Vice President, Daphne Weiss, has developed a plan of work for the Membership Committee. She plans to create a Google Drive folder where promotional materials made by the Membership Committee can be accessed. She also plans to assist new chapters (which have joined in the past few years) that may be struggling.

  • Secretary, Catherine Liu, is working to open a printing station at the state conference where students could print last minute changes to their binders or print materials for on-site events such as On Demand Video.

  • Treasurer, Evan Hassman, proposes that all forms of communication be used to promote fundraising for the American Cancer Society. He also wants to encourage participation in the Inspiration Award, which is awarded to chapters that complete an exceptional amount of community service.

  • Reporter, Zach Chan, would like to promote uniform recycling at the chapter level by publishing a chapter spotlight on an existing system in the PA-Post.  

  • Sergeant-at-Arms, Lauren Kim, would like to introduce new fundraisers for the American Cancer Society.  The first one is called TS-BAEs; these Hershey Kisses would be like candy grams that would be sent at the state conference. Her second fundraiser, TSA Cares, would be a pledge wall at the regional and state conferences where students, parents, or advisors could give a dollar to the American Cancer Society and write their name on a pledge paper.

  • Parliamentarian, Samantha Horry, would like to broaden PA-TSA’s parliamentary knowledge through a short video series that displays parliamentary basics and through a parliamentary crash course for delegates at the state conference. She would also like to propose a resolution that sets guidelines for voting procedures at the national conference.

  • Historian, Stephen Donchez, would like to work with the Membership Committee to reach out to new schools without TSA chapters. He plans to contact every school district administrator in the state.  


At the Millersville conference, the state officers also appointed the new chair and co-chair for the Green Committee. The chairperson will be Annelise Wanner from Downingtown STEM Academy and the vice chairperson will be Riya Dindigal from Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. If you have any questions for them, they can be reached at green [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->.


At the August Leadership Session, the state officers laid out aspects of the 2016 state conference, organized a social media plan, and created the framework for future PA-Post editions while completing team building and bonding activities.

If you want to stay updated about PA-TSA news (including committee progress, event updates, and new PA-Post editions with important information), please join our email list at If you have questions about membership once the school year starts, or if you are trying to start a new chapter in a nearby school, contact Membership Committee chairperson Daphne Weiss at vice_president [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->. Committee signups for the Green, Membership, Outreach, and Communications Committees will be available on the website soon. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email me at president [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->. Have a wonderful start to your school year PA-TSA!