President's Update: February 2016

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As we enter the month of March, I am sure that all of you are cracking down on your events and attempting to improve them for the state conference. I hope that your regional experience gave you some guidance on how to improve your events and that you are using your time wisely in the last few weeks before the conference.


In February, the state officers have worked extensively on preparing our initiatives for the state conference and preparing for the 2016 PA-TSA business meeting. Seeing the ideas that were first presented at the state conference last year come to fruition is an exciting process, and I can’t wait for all of you to see some of the new ideas and improvements that our team has introduced at the state conference.


You may have seen some of our state officer updates on the website in the past month. As I said earlier, the state officers have been working on preparing for the 2016 PA-TSA business meeting. This year, there are two proposed pieces of business; a resolution, which is just a formal motion that would enact some change within our organization, and a bylaw amendment, which would formally modify our organization’s bylaws. Both pieces of business have been posted on the website for your review before the state conference, and can be found here and here.


Before the end of March, be sure to check out the state officer application on the website. There was a lot of student interest in state office at our regional conferences this year, so if you would like to become a state officer, sign up by March 23. Don’t forget to get the Candidate Agreement Form signed by your parent, advisor, principal, and superintendent before you sign up! If you have any further questions about state office, please contact me or any of the other state officers.


Lastly, start to keep a lookout for updates on the PA-TSA website. ACS Racer information, the tentative state conference schedule, and many more updates will be coming soon; if you sign up for our email list, you will automatically receive these updates.

If you have any questions, please contact me at president [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"--> or any of the other officers at their officer emails!

Olivia Crocker