Preparing your Events for Regional’s

Preparing your Events for Regional’s:

Maybe you’ve been working diligently since September preparing your events, and are right on track for the January or February dates of Regionals. If this is you, first of all, congratulations, this article is not directed towards you. I am writing this article to help calm down and direct some of us members whose time management is not our best friend. You might have just come back from a fantastic vacation with your family in Florida, and have just realized that you are really behind in your TSA events. The first thing to remember is not to freak out. Personally, I know that getting stressed and panicking about something leads to even less work getting done. You still have a few precious days or weeks, and you will still be able to create a great product if you use your time wisely. Here are a few tips to utilizing this last minute time before regionals:

-Start with something tangible. If your event has a physical portion you can do, try to get that done. You will feel less panicked about your event and feel like you have made significant progress, which you have.

-Work with your team, if it is a team event. Even if you are simply working on different parts of the binder for an event, try getting together to work on them in one room. Team meetings can help increase productivity. You will be able to help each other stay on track, and you can use each other’s knowledge to supplement your work.

-Prioritize your time. If you have an active social life, it is worth it during this time to maybe just spend a Saturday night staying in and doing TSA work. Also, prioritize what work you need to get done. If you are working on an event that needs to get turned in before the event, such as Webmaster, make sure you get that work done first. If you are really in a bad position and are pressed for time, make sure you have all of the elements of your event done before focusing on a certain element and perfecting it. Instead of spending three weeks on a flashy poster, maybe spend a week making a perfectly cut clean poster that still portrays solid information.

-Read your rules. Spend time pouring over the rules and regulations for an event. Don’t spend all this time working on an event only to be disqualified for a going over regulated sizes or using the wrong type of battery. Reading the rubrics for each event can help you figure out where to best spend your time and effort on a project. On a speaking event, the rubrics can help you practice and see where you need to improve.

I hope these tips helped build confidence in your ability to get your events done for regionals. I hope to see you all at states competing. Good luck in your events!