PA TSA State Officer Canididates for 2016-2017

 PA State Officer Candidates for 2016-2017


Office of President:


Daphne Weiss:  Hi, PA-TSA! My name is Daphne Weiss and I want to be your 2016-17 State President. Having served two terms as a state officer, I have the experience and leadership skills necessary to successfully lead the state officer team.

As president, I would like to improve communication between the state officer team and you, the members of PA-TSA. One way that we can do this is through virtual hangouts with the officers. These hangouts might be themed, like the running for state office session we held this year, or they might just be general sessions where members can let us know what they want to see happen at the state level. Through initiatives such as this one, I want to give you a bigger voice in how PA-TSA is run. I would also like to build on the work I’ve done over the past two years. For instance, I worked to develop the Event Gallery section of the website, which I would like to greatly expand in the upcoming year. As chair of the Membership Committee, I have also been working on proposals to support new advisors and chapters. As president, I would like to do even more for our new and struggling chapters by offering further individualized support and resources. I want to use what I’ve learned over the past two years to make PA-TSA the best that it can be. So when you come on down to vote, just remember: the Weiss is right!


Office of Vice President:


Tara Doratt: Hello Pennsylvania TSA! My name is Tara Doratt and I am running for Vice President. I have been involved in TSA since I was in sixth grade and have been incredibly involved in everything my chapter does since the beginning. I have been on my schools officer team as president and hope to be able to bring my expertise from that experience over to the States officer team. I am running for this office because I love everything that TSA is about. I love the people and the select group of elites that we are as a whole. Individuals in TSA are a different kind of person  and I love it. I am hoping that by being a part of the State Officer team that I can get to know more about what goes on inside TSA and what goes into making our conferences and club possible. I want to be able to help change our club for the better and allow everyone to continue to grow and have even greater opportunities, so please consider me for your future Pennsylvania TSA vice-president and we can work together to make our club thrive.


Catherine Liu: Hi PA-TSA! I am currently a junior at Harriton High School and this is my fourth year in TSA. This past year, I have had the honor of serving as your 2015-2016 State Secretary. For the convenience of our members, I been working to establish a printer station that will be up and running at our 2016 State Conference.The current officer team and I have also been working on several other endeavors to ensure that you will get the most out of your PA-TSA experience. Having been on the Membership Committee for two years, I have had first-hand experience with the responsibilities that the office of Vice President entails.


TSA has provided me with more opportunities than I could have ever imagined to explore interests that I never even knew I had. I have been able to find discover my passion for many things, such as biotechnology, which is actually a word that I had never heard of before I joined TSA in eighth grade. I believe, just as the TSA Creed states, that technology education holds an important role in our lives and that all students should have the chance to participate in such a positively cultivating organization.  As your next Vice President, I will do my best to expand PA-TSA membership and ensure that chapters receive all the support they need. I hope that you will consider me for your next Vice President. See you at States!


Annelise Wanner:  Hi PA-TSA! My name is Annelise Wanner, and I am currently a junior at the Downingtown STEM Academy. I've been a part of my school's chapter of TSA for 3 years, and I am our Vice President. Currently, I serve as the chair of Green Committee for PA-TSA, which promotes Green initiatives in the state. My school's TSA chapter is relatively new, created in the year 2011. I want to focus on expanding the PA-TSA community by welcoming new chapters. I plan on introducing a chapter buddy system within PA-TSA. You might be wondering what exactly this means. I want to match up experienced chapters with new chapters. Speaking from experience, it is extremely difficult to organize new chapters. This buddy system would entail sharing the contact information between the respective advisors. The veteran advisors can share tips for fundraising, gaining new members, the registration process for events, etc. The new advisors can ask for help as needed as their chapters find their footing. I believe this would help new chapters to build a solid foundation as well as increase their membership. TSA has been such an integral part of my high school experienced. Being involved with this club has bettered me as a student and has allowed for me to pursue areas in which I am truly interested in. If you see me at the state conference, feel free to come up and say hello! Good luck on your events.


Office of Secretary:

Zach Chan:  Hi PA-TSA! My name is Zach Chan and I am running to be your 2016-2017 PA-TSA State Secretary. This past year, I have had the honor to serve as your State Reporter, and I have loved every minute of it. I have also been able to serve in many other leadership positions through TSA and through the Boy Scouts. This has kept me organized, knowledgeable, and well versed as a student and as a leader. If elected, I plan on taking some of the experiences from States down to the regional level. To do this, I plan on creating two new special interest sessions, one on chapter leadership and another one on the basics of Parliamentary Procedure. I also plan on creating a regional scavenger hunt, inspired by region 7. If you have any questions, email me at zchanforpatsasecretary [at] or feel free to ask me at States this year. And remember PA-TSA, to bring the states experience to everyone, vote Zach Chan for PA-TSA State Secretary.



Etan Ginsberg:  In 1995, a young PATSA member named Chad Hurley graduated from high school. He would go on to co-found YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world which would sell for 1.65 billion dollars. When I look around at the TSA members, I see an inherent greatness present in each and every competitor and I see it manifest itself in competitions, in sportsmanship, and in raw passion for the organization. I have no doubt that Hurley is far from the only PATSA member that will make a global impact on the world. We all have that potential.


As Secretary, I would like to continue pursuing corporate sponsors (as I have done in the Outreach Committee), build a statewide forum for communication, and hold several invitational/inter-state competitions. I have been a member of TSA for 6 years, held 4 consecutive local offices, and would like my final year to be the time when I can carry my vision for elevating our organization. Using web design skills I learned in TSA, I have already designed my own online business which has received over 1.5 million views and over $40,000 in sales, all stemming from skills I acquired in PATSA. Now I will bring the knowledge and leadership gained from running a business to the state officer team. I have also had the honor of winning the national championship for chapter team written which is a valuable skill for writing minutes.


Be Heard, Vote Ginsberg!


Himaja Kakumani: If elected for Secretary for the PA TSA office my number one goal would be to ensure a well organized State conference and general welfare of TSA members through the responsibilities of my position. I would also like to promote my ideas of bringing awareness to the job opportunities available in the technology and engineering fields through bringing professionals these fields to do seminars about their jobs during the conference. I feel this idea would allow for a successful conference since TSA members would be informed as to how the passion they put behind their events can be used in the future. One of the responsibilities of the secretary position is to "serve in any capacity as directed by the president". If my idea were to be accepted by the state officers I would use this responsibility to contact professionals interested in having seminars during our conference. As secretary I hope to ensure the welfare of the members of TSA through expressing my ideas for what will make the conference successful and using my responsibilities to make it a reality.



Sierra Shoudt-Reddi:  Hi PA-TSA! My name is Sierra Shoudt-Reddi and I am running to serve you as your next state secretary. I joined TSA seven years ago when I was in fifth grade and it has shaped my life in so many ways- it has made me more confident and has fostered in me a work ethic that drives every other part of my life.

It breaks my heart that so many students who are so bright, talented, and committed are unable to compete at the state and national levels due to problems with funding and a lack of sponsorship not only for trips but for projects as well, as we all know it is expensive to produce the competitive events we all do. If elected, it will be my mission to give PA-TSA schools the tools to create strong relationships with their school boards and administration to communicate their needs and the skills to appeal to local businesses for sponsorship and donations. I have the experience necessary for this task as I have been Class President for three years running, debate team captain, and in charge of all the fundraising for Mini-THON at my school as Junior Head, among many other leadership positions. Out of all my passions, I always come back to TSA, where it all started for me.

I want to make sure as many people as possible have the same opportunities I have been so blessed to have. PA-TSA, I am asking you to get REDDI to cash in with me, Sierra Shoudt-Reddi.

Joram Stith: I am the best candidate for the 2016 to 2017 state secretary. I have ample experience in varying leadership positions from my other clubs and activities, and I am excited and prepared to devote my time and efforts to bettering Pennsylvania TSA. I talked to Olivia Crocker at my regional conference about the different offices so I could gain a better understanding of what the different officers do at the state level. The organizational roles of the Secretary immediately caught my attention, because I enjoy keeping things organized and I can take control of my responsibilities at all times. When I inquired further, I learned that the secretary is also strongly associated with communication to schools and starting new TSA chapters. Since moving to Pennsylvania two years ago, I have started a TSA chapter in my middle school and my high school. I  love seeing kids get engaged in TSA, but I also love getting teachers involved. This is why I want to see TSA used in the classroom. I believe that the best way to spread our program and to get new chapters and members is by integrating TSA events into teachers' curriculum. By integrating TSA with STEM education in school, we can not only get more kids and teachers interested in TSA, but we can make school fun for students who don’t look forward to it. I believe these goals are achievable, and that through them I can benefit Pennsylvania TSA to my full potential.

Office of Treasurer:


Patrick Caswell: The position of the Pennsylvania TSA State treasurer is a great honor. It helps organize the state level and create wonderful opportunities for those who participate in TSA. I wish to run to help improve the experiences of TSA for everyone involved in the state of Pennsylvania. If I am elected for the position of treasurer at the state level, I would be able to bring my two years of real world money management experience to the benefit of the students of PA TSA. Recently officers have been raising a large quantity of money. That being said, I still believe we can do better and, in the process, strengthen our relations with other major companies and organizations. This can be accomplished through fundraising and other outreach programs. Along with the financial aspects of the office of treasurer, I would also like bring new ideas to the TSA board by improving the flow of feedback given by the students and advisors. I would also strive to create an environment where the state officers do not seem like royalty, such that new students will not be intimidated not to run or compete in more competitive events. This could be accomplished by having officers roam the floor instead of sitting at the control booth or by hosting stations that tend to turn people away. Overall, it is my dream to be able to help TSA in some way after all that this organization has done for me.


Francis Chalissery: Hey PA-TSA! My name is Francis Chalissery and I am running to be your 2016-2017 State Treasurer. Ever since sixth grade, when I joined our incredible organization, I have acquired a myriad of technological skills, and more importantly, I have ascended my character. Overall, my TSA journey could be described in one word: evocative. Because giving is more important than receiving, I would love to offer every student in TSA the opportunities to learn, thrive, and most importantly, enjoy TSA. I feel that I would work well as a treasurer due to my inherent ability to handle numbers, determined work ethic, and tenacity. Moreover, I believe my persistent personality can positively support the organization in a plethora of ways.  Most importantly, I want your voices to be heard! I believe that the success of TSA heavily depends on the student perspective.

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get… but we make a life by what we give.” As State Treasurer, I would like to emphasize the importance of fundraising, for it is essential for us to donate; however, it is even more essential to fundraise effectively.  To efficiently raise funds, I plan to offer more potent incentives to fundraise. For example, wouldn’t it be cool to have a competition between local chapters to raise the most money, and whoever won would earn a substantial grant to purchase more STEM equipment? For someone to passionately support the organization vote Francis Chalissery for your 2016-2017 State Treasurer.

Tyler Haubert: I am running for Treasurer because I wish to further my involvement in the Technology Student Association.  I have attended the Regional and State conferences for three years, and attended the National conference last year, which I hope to attend again this year.  New views on technology, problem solving, and like-minded peers are what attract me most to TSA. My passion for engineering and technology is encouraged and enhanced in TSA, and the more I am involved in the organization, the more these qualities will flourish.  I am committed to TSA and would like to be a part of a dedicated team of officers. As I numerically-minded, being Treasurer would be a good application of my skills and strengths.  I value responsibility, and can be relied on to perform my duties thoroughly and efficiently.  I am capable of overseeing the state budget and the fundraising projects with care and dependability. I believe the most important quality of a good and effective  leader is being part of the team.  A good leader sets an example  and works well with all team members.  A good leader listens to others’ ideas, understanding that if people are heard, they will be more likely to actively participate.  A good leader is positive, encouraging constructive ideas and outcomes. My goal is to maintain the valuable opportunities offered by TSA.  My personal characteristics – friendly, outgoing, easily-approachable, technologically-minded, able to solve problems, well-spoken, trustworthy, and helpful – will benefit the TSA if I would be elected State Treasurer.

Saranya Sampath:  My name is Saranya Sampath, and I am running for the position of TSA State Treasurer. I believe that as a part of the state office team, we can make a difference to the PA-TSA organization next year! One of the jobs of the treasurer is to oversee the fundraising of the National Service Project and other fundraising activities, and I can maximize our efforts to raise money for different foundations if I’m elected. Going to the TSA state conference has been a fun experience for me over the years, and I noticed that there are students who have considerable free time between events. If these students participated in various constantly-rolling fundraising activities, we could potentially maximize the amount of money being raised. I bring other ideas to the table too, such as giving each chapter advisor the choice to host a pre-approved fundraising event with their students at the conference, and awarding a prize to the chapter team that raises the most money— this way, we would encourage more people to raise money for a good cause! I am open and excited to discuss more ideas with the state officer team if I’m given the opportunity. As treasurer, I also plan to document all financial matters in organized Excel documents, open to the other state officers. I look forward to working as a part of the state office team to make the next TSA state conference a fun and engaging experience for all!

Gabriella Schatz:  I am running for PA TSA state treasurer, because I want the opportunity to gain a leadership role, and to represent my chapter. I believe that I should be elected because I excel in math, making me well suited for the role of treasurer, and because I am an active and winning member of my TSA chapter. It is the treasurer’s job to oversee the fundraising activities of the state officers. I have been an active participant in many of my school chapter’s fundraisers, including a spaghetti dinner, carnival, and clothing drive. This fundraising experience makes me a great candidate for the PA TSA state treasurer




Shreyas Sundar: I’m running for the position of state treasurer because I believe I will be financially accountable and a good leader due to my experiences ranging from doing taxes for my dad, when I was five, to holding numerous leadership positions including chapter treasurer, three years in a row, debate captain for a year and chapter vice president for a year. As I’m sure many students have this kind of leadership experience, this is not the only reason I want to run. I want to run because I want to change things about TSA that others haven’t in the past and with problems I don’t see being solved such as with feedback, where we are struggling and are not efficiently problem-solving.   Many may believe this is not the job of the treasurer and has nothing to do with being treasurer, but in addition to financial responsibility, as I state officer, I have the power to represent the people along with propose new ideas to be implemented throughout PATSA. Not only this, but I believe TSA is not very prevalent in high school, as a club, and can use recruitment techniques and ideas. Last but not least, as I’m treasurer, I will be working with money and I believe I have the best ways to generate the money we need with high participation, great net benefits and little sacrifice for students.


Emily Wright: One of the most personally impactful moments from my TSA experience occurred the night before my first state competition when I finished one of my binders. The final step to finishing this particular binder was labeling it with my name—Emily Wright. This small step proved to be one of the most significant steps in the process. By labeling the project with my name, I was proving to myself that I was contributing to the future of PA-TSA. By participating in this event, I was gaining experience that would improve my future performance in TSA, as well as help my peers with their experience. I realized that the strength of an assembly is made up of multiple small, yet meaningful components. If elected treasurer, I will work to provide our members with the resources to continuously develop these components, thus strengthening our body as a state organization. Next year, I would like to not only grow our membership, but also involve our current members in the process. The TSA experience should be as fulfilling as possible for all of our members. As treasurer, I plan to contribute to that experience, whether it is defined by providing members with the resources to begin a new chapter, or to simply improve their own time management. As an individual who has held two chapter offices, I believe that I have gained a sufficient amount of leadership experience to carry out these tasks. Good luck competing, and remember: You won’t go wrong with Emily Wright.

Office of Reporter:


Benjamin Abt: Hello PA TSA, my name is Ben Abt and I am currently a freshman at Harriton High School. I started TSA as a sixth grader while  attending Welsh Valley Middle School. While at Welsh Valley, I served as my chapter’s Sergeant-at-Arms and President. After  three incredible years in TSA, I knew that I wanted to help better the organization by becoming your next PA-TSA State Reporter.


TSA is an extraordinary student run organization through which I, and many of my peers have learned incredible skills. TSA has opened me to the world of CAD, video production, photography, public speaking and much more. Without TSA, I would not have been exposed to these important fields. The skills that I have gained through TSA will help me throughout my life. I want to expand the membership of TSA so more people have the chance to benefit from this amazing organization. Besides expanding the membership, I also want to create more interest sessions and opportunities to engage with other chapters. These opportunities allow students to interact with other chapters and people with the same interests as them. I want to keep TSA a student run organization while expanding the membership and creating more opportunities to learn and develop new skill sets while interacting with other chapters. Vote Ben Abt for your PA-TSA State Reporter.

Karen Minecci: Hey, PA-TSA!  My name is Karen Minecci, and I want to be your next State Reporter.  I am currently a sophomore at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School.  This is my fifth year in TSA - third as a chapter officer (including a term as reporter); I want everyone to get as much out of TSA as I have.  I want to be your reporter because I am committed to making TSA a well-known and accessible organization.  Although my chapter has been established for years, many schools struggle to develop programs.    We need to educate new members on how to not only succeed in TSA, but how to enjoy themselves.  To do this, I will personally reach out to form new chapters, and encourage other veteran members to assist younger chapters in gaining members and providing mentorship in various events.  I will also make TSA a more accessible option for all students - especially ones who don’t yet know of TSA in general.  I promise to make TSA more visible on social media platforms (on which I know you’re all active) so that TSA becomes more well-known, and so existing members know where we stand.  In addition, I will heavily implement corporate outreach to enable students in need to attend state and national conferences.  We as TSA are the second largest CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization), and I think it’s time we make use of that title to better the lives of those who participate.  So vote Karen, because she “Kares”!


Madison Okkerse:  Hello PA-TSA! I am Madison Okkerse (Maddy) and I am running to be your 2016-2017 State Reporter! Through my 5 years  of TSA experience, TSA has definitely taught me to “Learn to Live in a Technical World” as well as be a leader in my community through my past held offices as chapter reporter, president, sergeant-at-arms, and your current Vice Chair of the Communications Committee. My job if elected would be to find effective ways to get information out to the members of PA-TSA, especially through the PA POST. If elected, I would like to implement PA POST Article Contests to help promote involvement with the PA POST. Members would be able to submit their works written for the topic of the Spotlight Article, and whichever member’s work is chosen will receive a prize at the state conference. I would also like to start a traditional 50/50 raffle at the state conference to serve as an additional fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and as a chapter fundraiser. My last idea would be to create a form to be sent to all chapters/members in PA-TSA to gain corporate sponsors through the mechanism of purchasing Ads to go inside of our conference program. Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and if you have any additional questions, email me at maddyokkerse [at] or contact me on social media, and make sure you SAY “OK” TO OKKERSE at the state conference!


Maryam Quraishi:  Hi PA-TSA! My name is Maryam Quraishi and I want to be your next State Reporter. This is my third year in TSA and as a junior at the Downingtown Stem Academy I am currently serving as our Chapter’s President. As your State Reporter, I plan to focus on re-energizing the PA Post. It is a valuable resource that can effectively help in connecting PA TSA to the National TSA and for the organization itself to connect to the public. I would like to establish a new look for TSA as we move into 2016 to connect more closely with our members. I consider this post an ideal space to facilitate the creation of stronger ties among individual members and a unified community. As your elected officer, I will work hard to foster a more inclusive community, which celebrates and showcases the diversity of our members highlighting their individual skills and talents. I would like to serve within this influential organization to promote technology and innovation. Wishing you the best of luck at the 2016 PA State Conference. Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Office of Sergeant at Arms:


Ari Beal: Hello PATSA. My name is Ari Beal and I will be running for your 2016-2017 PATSA Sergeant-At-Arms. I am running for the office of Sergeant-At-Arms because I am a person that always loves to expand my horizons and love to try something new. I will promote people interacting in a friendly way at the state conference if it were to be at a mixer or meet and greet sessions. As some people may see I am in middle school. As a middle school member I feel that PATSA is largely dominated by the members from  high school. One of the proposals that I have is that middle school members and middle school members only could meet at a designated mixer to meet other members of the same age group. Also, there could be specific special interest sessions or competitions for the middle school kids to meet and have fun against members at their age or at their skill level. I am not only advocating for the middle school members. Members of PATSA of all ages revolve around their cell phones. One of the main reasons that people don’t get on the stage during the state conference is that they don’t read the rules for that given event. An app that will be created if I get elected and will have judges comments from the years before, event rules, and notifications that remind you to do TSA if you forget. This is a solution that will benefit all people if I am elected as your PATSA 2016-2017 Sergeant-At-Arms.

Trisha Bhatt: Hi PA-TSA, my name is Trisha Bhatt! TSA has impacted my life immensely, as I have attended the Leadership Conference in Millersville, currently a member of the state’s Membership Committee and Corporate Sponsorship Committee, and proud to serve as my chapter’s vice president. The more time I have spent experiencing TSA, the more I realized I had to find a way to give back. I feel like TSA is a family, and I believe it is so important that everyone feels welcome. I can assure you that whether you are a new member or returning member, you will always feel welcome, and I will do anything I can as PA-TSA Sergeant-At-Arms to make your experience incredible. My ideas include creating an American Cancer Society toolkit consisting of a detailed list of possible ideas and tips for starting a Relay For Life team, “Regional Hangouts,” which would be a room at each regional conference that students could go to when they have any free time or are not competing, and lastly, creating a survey through Google forums to be posted on the website after the state conference to see what members liked and did not like at states. My goals come together to accomplish three main things: increasing American Cancer Society efforts, creating more cohesive community environments at conferences, and allowing your voices and opinions as members to be heard. I cannot wait to meet everyone states, and remember: When you’re filling out your ballot, you’re gonna wish-ya, voted for Trisha!


Ryan Kreiser: I, Ryan Kreiser, would be an excellent choice for State Sergeant-At-Arms. Most importantly, I have real leadership experience. As the two-year Senior Patrol Leader of my Boy Scout Troop, and a graduate of the organization’s National Youth Leadership Training, I know how to get things done. I have been doing it to great effect for my time with the Scouts and I know I could translate those skills to PA-TSA. Additionally, as a four-year veteran of TSA, with many good finishes in Regionals, States, and Nationals, I understand the needs and desires of the members of PA-TSA and can empathize with them, making me well-equipped to serve in this position of responsibility. As state Sergeant-at-Arms, it will be my duty to see that the assembly is comfortable and properly welcomed. To serve this goal, I support splitting up the Awards Ceremony into Middle and High School subsections, in order to allow for more pack-up time and less time waiting for listings for events in which you and your friends have the greatest interest. I also support more specific judging sheets for events, because more informative grading of their work and less check-boxes would help the members of this organization to better learn from their mistakes and create ever-improving events over the long term. Based on my experience, proposed policy changes, and can-do attitude, I believe I am the right choice and the only choice for this office.


Caroline Sparrow: Hello PA-TSA! My name is Caroline Sparrow and I believe I am your right choice for your 2016-2017 state Sergeant-at-Arms.  During my time in TSA I spent my first year in Virginia TSA where I was elected to regional president after serving a year as regional sergeant-at-arms. I gained loads of leadership experience and lots of perspective on how other states run their conferences. Then my parents moved here, and in some ways I thought my TSA world was ending. However, when we moved here, I learned a lot about how PA-TSA truly has the greatest delegation. I got involved and now work with both Outreach and Membership Committee. If elected, I want to see us grow even stronger by focusing on you and what you think we should do to improve your PA-TSA experience.  I would hope to open a tab on the website where year round, you could submit feedback about what could be done to improve your experience. It would be the responsibility of the officer team and then the board to look at your feedback and attempt improving based upon your responses. Another way of improving you PA-TSA experience may be to help kick some of your downtime spent in your rooms.  If elected, I would like to a broader range of activities during the day such as scavenger hunts with small prizes to boast your successes in. Let’s see to it that your PA-TSA experience is the best it could possibly be.

Zoe Sweet: I am running for state office because I know I can make a difference. TSA has been very important to me for the past two years, and this would be a way to give back. TSA is amazing, but there are a couple things I would change. If elected, I would make thank you cards for the judges who do so much for us. I do not think judges get thanked enough for what they do. I would hope to get the officer team to make the cards, and hand them out to each and every judge. Another thing I would do is,  find a way to allow everyone at the awards ceremony to see the winning project in that category. When you go to open viewing you don’t know which project is which school and without doing a lot of research, you have no idea what project actually wins. I would figure out a way to take a picture of the winning project, and project it during the award ceremony. These small changes would make a huge impact. Even though I am young, I have had a lot of experience with TSA and am very dedicated to making this club become the best club out there.


Victoria Ulmer:  I am running to be the Sergeant-At-Arms for Pennsylvania TSA because I believe the TSA organization is a great opportunity for students to get involved in STEM outside of school.  It enables students to try new things and develop their talents. By being an officer, I will be even more involved in my favorite club, TSA! I should be elected to be the Sergeant-At-Arms for Pennsylvania TSA because I am a pleasant, friendly, and welcoming person who would be dedicated making TSA shine.  I love to see other people happy and having a good time, and if it is because of something that I have taken part in, it is even more amazing.  I am very organized, so arranging any events should not be a problem for me.  I have taught classes before to my peers, and have gotten rave reviews, so I am an engaging leader.  I am very dedicated to anything I do and will see things through till the end to make sure they go as planned.  I am very hard-working and have maintained the high honor roll award since middle school.  I am dependable and always show up to my commitments ready to work and get the job done.  I find it especially easy to talk about TSA with people, and I love to hear what exciting events they are participating in and what they find to be challenging.  I love TSA because I can make friends and become involved in interesting projects!  Thank you officers!