PA-TSA President's Message September-2015

Well PA-TSA the school year has begun, hopefully you have affiliated or have begun the process.  Remember this year there is a late fee for registering you chapter after December 1st, so get you chapter affiliated early.  

Now lets talk about promoting your chapter  October 5-9th is National TSA Week.  This is a great time to get the word out about the great things your chapter is doing.  Below is a list of activities that National TSA suggests, they are social media focused but you can do anything that you want with your chapter. Our chapter is wearing throw back TSA Shirts on Monday and Bow Tie Tuesday for all the TSA members.  For more ideas check out the national website here.  

Member Monday: Post a photo of what you enjoy most about being a TSA member and invite a friend to attend a TSA meeting. Ideas might include: conference photo, conference pin, TSA friends, attending a meeting at the state capitol, TSA trophy, a “Join TSA” poster, etc.

Teammate Tuesday: Post a photo of you and a TSA teammate(s). Ideas include: a photo of you and a teammate dressed in TSA attire while attending a conference, conducting a meeting, participating in a TSA leadership session, etc.

Women in Stem Wednesday: Post a photo of your female chapter members competing at a conference or attending chapter meetings.

Throwback Thursday: Post a favorite TSA photo from the past. Ideas include: a photo of your first TSA conference.

Forever TSA Friday: Post a collage of all chapter photos relating to TSA. 

This month may be the first time you are having a chapter meeting/ work session ,so use this time to help welcome back new and old members alike.  Have a party, arrange a tour of your spaces, make a slide show of the past years experiences, anything that you do will leave impact and make your TSA chapter a little better.  

Remember to check nationals for the rules updates and clarifications.  Every year with new events and rule books there will be update, this year middle school chapters you are the main focus.  High chapters should continue to check also even though you event guide is the same there will be updates and clarifications still.  

Finally, I would like to thank Dennis Gold for all of his hard work and commitment to PA-TSA. If you put as much effort in enjoying as all the years you have been with PA-TSA , you’ll have an amazing, productive, dynamic and long lasting retirement.  Thank you and you will always have a friend in PA-TSA.