PA-TSA BOD President's Message November-2015

PA-TSA I hope your year is off to a running start.  This is going to be a short message because i know you are all busy.  On our end registrations are starting to come in daily, which is great, but there are many chapters out there that have not affiliated with nationals yet.  Remember all registrations should be completed by December 1st after that there is a late fee of $75 dollars added.  So get them done before you leave for Thanksgiving break if you can.  


Regional conference meetings have been taken place across the state, if you were unable to attend the meeting, or didn’t know about it make sure to check your regional conference dates, times, early submission, and entries limits so you are prepare for the conference.  Many regional conferences are also having our national service project –American Cancer Society fundraisers so make sure to check them out. If iservice is not open for your region yet its coming soon, so make sure you are ready


At the state conference this year we are looking to hold our first ever-3d printed C02 racer competition.  This will be a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society so there will be an addition fee involved that will be determined.  This event will be open to one entry per chapter, but its not only for the students, advisors are also invited to compete.  The winner of the competition will get pizza and drinks for their chapter.  If you don’t have 3d printer ask another chapter for help, or you can use an online service to print them.  The final details are being worked out so stay tuned for more details.


Finally remember December 1st registrations are due after that there will be a $75 fee added

Have a Great Thanksgiving Break, good luck this year