PA State Officer Candidates for 2015-2016

Office of President


Olivia Crocker - (President)

Hello PA-TSA! Considering that everyone will see this shortly before the state conference, I hope that you are all getting enough sleep! Although we may sometimes wonder why we sacrifice sleep and sanity for this club, we cannot deny the incredible influence that TSA has had and continues to have on us. As PA-TSA State President, I want to make your TSA experience a positive one. To accomplish this goal, I believe that we should expand the committees, locate qualified judges, and improve student-to-student communication. Although some projects are too large for the state officer team alone, utilization of the PA-TSA’s many committees can aid in their completion. In my experience as chairperson of the PA-TSA Environmental Committee, I have found that the committee’s large membership of fifteen people has allowed us to pursue many large projects, including a recyclable scavenger hunt and an event-materials recycling program. Improving committee organization can also aid in avoiding negative judging experiences. Committees can locate judges from universities and businesses who can expertly evaluate projects. As for how to improve communication, I propose a student email system in which each state officer is assigned a region. He or she must update school chapter presidents in that region with general updates. Chapter presidents could inform students of new developments if advisors do not. If you want a president who can give you a positive PA-TSA experience and improve the impact of the 2015-2016 state officer team: Don’t Stop Her, Vote for Crocker!



Samantha Horry - (President)

Hi PA-TSA! My name is Sam Horry, and I want you to vote Sam for President. My experiences in TSA for the last six years have shaped my life. I would like every single student in Pennsylvania to be able to have the same opportunities for participation in TSA. I believe in TSA’s mission of preparing and empowering students to be technological leaders. If elected, I have the opportunity to work to enrich the experience of PA-TSA for everyone.

I want to expand PA-TSA, by enlarging existing chapters and building new chapters. In my experience talking to PA-TSA members, it is primarily financial issues that bar eligible students from participating in TSA conferences. To work on dismantling these obstacles, this year I founded the PA-TSA Corporate Committee, which focuses on maintaining and expanding corporate sponsorship for PA-TSA. If elected your president, I would grow this committee and focus on expanding resources to empower individual chapters in maintain corporate sponsors.  I have a vision for PA-TSA’s expansion, and I also have the skill and drive to achieve my vision. An integral part of being PA-TSA President is being able to lead the other state officers, and I will be able to use my experiences from my past term as your State Secretary to lead effectively. I can’t wait until States when I get to meet all of you!  

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Office of Vice President


Stephen Donchez - (VP)

I am running for the office of Vice-President of Pennsylvania TSA because I feel my occupancy of said position would better enable me to serve the membership of both my chapter and the organization as a whole. Specifically, I feel I will be able to aid in the acquisition of new membership in accordance with the role of the Vice-President as chair of the membership committee, a committee I have been actively serving as a member of for the duration of this year. Additionally, I feel that my position as a chapter president means that I have understanding of the role of president, better enabling me to assist the president and preside in such instances, as the president is unable to perform his duties. I feel that I am a good choice for this position due to my extensive leadership skills, including but not limited to my role as a chapter president. Outside of TSA, I serve on the instructor’s team at Hoover Karate Academy in Allentown PA, a role that tasks me with directly instructing the students in a professional manner as well as aiding in the operations of the school. In addition, I feel that my in depth experience as a member of the Membership Committee this year, and my collaboration with the current Vice-President (Mr. Artz) within that scope of operations, enables me to possess a better understanding of the role of Vice-President, making it easier for me to assume that role.


Daphne Weiss - (VP)

I am running for Vice President because I understand the importance of expanding our membership, and I am confident that I have the experience and drive necessary to excel in the position. The Vice President’s biggest responsibility is chairing the Membership Committee. Having been an active participant in the Membership Committee for nearly three years, I’m uniquely qualified to lead it in the upcoming year. I have a deep understanding of its scope and purpose, and I’ve seen first hand which strategies work and which don’t for bringing in new members. Growing our state delegation has to be done in a balanced manner. Outreach to new schools is clearly vital, but it is equally important to support the chapters that we do gain.  There’s no use in expanding if new chapters don’t have the resources and guidance necessary to thrive in TSA. Part of taking the committee to the next level is acknowledging this and specifically targeting struggling chapters. I’ve also been serving as a state officer this year, which has given me a great amount of leadership experience as well as insights into how the officer team actually runs. As Vice President, I would continue to work on the proposals started this year. We’ve improved the website and reached out to the community about TSA, and continuing that forward momentum would greatly benefit our state.

Thank you, and I can’t wait to see you all at Seven Springs.

Remember: Vote Weiss for Vice!


Office of Secretary


Catherine Liu - (Secretary)

Hello PATSA! I’m Catherine Liu, a sophomore at Harriton High School in Region 5, and would like to be our 2015-16 State Secretary. Throughout my years of being in TSA, I have been exposed to extraordinary experiences and met Einsteins of our generation. I have been fostered in construction, leadership, and numerous topics of science.

TSA is one-of-a-kind and we, as members, should take advantage of that. Special Interest Sessions are one of the many unique things that TSA offers. From Parliamentary procedure to Minecraft, the Special Interest Sessions are a great way to get to meet kids from other chapters that share your interests. I would like the opportunity to increase the attendance of these Special Interest Sessions and create an open door policy for all PATSA members to propose Special Interest Sessions of their own. Your voice should be heard… so vote Catherine, she’ll make it happen.



Malarie Yoder - (Secretary)

To be a quality secretary one must always put her best effort forward for the team. In the TSA program at my school, Penns Valley, I have been the secretary for three years and have learned to be effective in accomplishing all of the jobs included of officers. From organizing timely emails and updates, tracking and listing attendance of members, detailing jobs that need to be done, and establishing relationships with all members of our chapter, it has been my honor to learn how to lead effectively.  Not only does it take leadership skills to take charge when needed, it also requires persistence, attentiveness, organization, and solid relations. As secretary, I am the one to talk to companies, parents, advisors, and students. Throughout my years as secretary, I have grown to love the job and have become an assertive and outgoing leader. During the competitions and team work days and meetings, I have developed ways to support our chapter as well as work hard on all the projects for my team’s and personal goals, I now help lead meetings and check-in with officers and chapter members in order to support, organize, and grow our chapter as needed. I have observed the State Officers during competitions and believe I have the dedication, understanding and work ethic to complete the tasks that are required by them.  I would be honored to be the secretary for our State TSA organization and know if given the opportunity, I could effectively support


Office of Treasurer


Brendan Gard - (Treasurer)

Hello! My name is Brendan Gard, and I am running for the State Treasurer position. I am running for treasurer because I have the experience, ideas, and motivation to make a positive impact in PA-TSA. I have been a member of TSA since I was a seventh grader, and I am currently a Junior in High School. In my High School Chapter I have been the treasurer my freshman and sophomore years and I am currently the Vice President. My big idea for PA-TSA is an official attire donation bin. A way that seniors who will not be attending Nationals, can pass down their official attire to students that can’t afford it. I also implemented the business card recycling bins that were present at last year’s state conference. I am a good fit for the treasurer position because I am motivated to do whatever it takes. I don’t come from a lot, and as a thirteen year old seventh grader when I was told that if I wanted to partake in TSA I would have to pay for it, I got a job on a farm. I understand how valuable money can be to people, and I am setting out to help out in whatever ways possible so that the great minds of Pennsylvania can partake in TSA. I hope my experience, ideas, and motivation proves to you that I am the most qualified for the position. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at States!



Evan Hassman - (Treasurer)

Hey PA-TSA, my name is Evan Hassman and I am currently a sophomore at Lower Merion High School. I started TSA in sixth grade and am excited to share my fifth state conference with you this year. After all the wonderful memories I have gained from TSA, I want to give back and better our organization by serving as your PA-TSA State Treasurer.

In middle school, I served as my chapter’s Sergeant-at-Arms and President and I am currently serving as my chapter’s Treasurer.  Outside of TSA, I have learned leadership and communication skills from being an Eagle Scout in addition to swimming and running cross-country and track for my high school. I hope to bring these experiences to the state leadership, so that I can help better your state conference and the organization as a whole.  How will I do this? By making your voices heard. I want members to have a more active role in the decision making process.  TSA is not an organization led by adults, but an organization led by students.  Your voices are the most important and they should be heard. Together we can make your visions a reality.  For someone to hear you and help you, vote for Evan Hassman for PA-TSA State Treasurer.


Office of Reporter


Zach Chan - (Reporter)

Hello, my name is Zack Chan and this year, I plan on running for the office of PA-TSA State Reporter. If elected, I plan to make it easier to get started in TSA competitive events. This would be accomplished through posting pictures and tips on how to do well in these events from the top PA-TSA state finishers. This would make a more competitive atmosphere for PA-TSA, by allowing newer people to have the ability to get started in competitive events and help members of PA-TSA refine their events for other conferences. I feel I should be elected due to my strong work ethic, passion for PA-TSA, and ability to work with others to get tasks done in a timely and efficient manner. In closing, I hope to be your 2015-2016 PA-TSA State Reporter.



Xinke Chen - (Reporter)

When I was joined TSA my sixth grade year, I was a shy, timid boy who knew nobody and no friends because I just came from a different school district. It was through TSA that I made new friends and broke out my shell. It was TSA that inspired to learn about things I thought I would never ever thought I would ever find interesting, such as with Robert’s Rules or would I have the opportunity to exercise skills that I had learned, for instance with HTML, CSS and Javascript in Webmaster. Within the past five years, TSA has given so much to me and I feel it about high time for me to pay back all the generous advice, students and advisors that had such a big impact on my life. The reason I want to become Reporter is so that I can give someone the same opportunities that I had when I was in sixth grade. I want to become Reporter because I believe this organization one of the best in the world when it comes preparing and giving kids the skills that are now desperately needed in an increasingly technical world. It would be a privilege and honor for me to be able to run for 2015-2016 PATSA Reporter



Madison Okkerse - (Reporter)

Hello, I am Madison Okkerse (oh-cur-see) and I am running to be your new PA-TSA Reporter! I am so inspired by the officers, and since I first joined TSA it has always been a dream of mine to become one. I believe I should be elected for this office because I am an experienced and innovative member with extrordianary ideas to benefit this organization. I have experience holding leadership positions like local chapter offices and being a member of the PA-TSA Green Committee. I have also been chosen attended many leadership ceminars held by my school. I have innovative and wonderful ideas about how to make PA-TSA a better, closely networked unit, like creating social media accounts for PA-TSA, promoting the PA POST by contacting chapters and sponsors, creating an Advisor’s version of the PA POST, and creating a forum on the PA-TSA website asking for YOUR opinion. All of these ideas are to spread information quickly to the students, advisors, and surrounding supporters about PA-TSA. I have also placed at the regional and state level for all competitions and have been to the National Conference. Vote for OKKERSE to SEE the change.


Office of Sergeant-At-Arms


Jenna Bologa - (S@A)

I am running for Sergeant-at-Arms because I would be a superb asset to the PA-TSA state officer team, and I believe that it would be an incredible opportunity for myself, personally. I look at the opportunity of becoming a state officer as an opportunity to grow as a person, and a chance to assist PA-TSA in its growth and changes. I also hope to use this position as a way to allow my social and teamwork skills to continue to grow further, and even flourish. Although I understand that I may not be elected into the Sergeant-at-Arms position, I still look at this as a way to continue to grow as a person.

I should be elected for the Sergeant-at-Arms position because I would like to bring change for the better in PA-TSA. I hold the firm belief that if I were to become a state officer, I would bring many ideas for how to make change for the better within the state TSA membership, as well as the regions and even chapters.    Some of these changes include new activities to be held during the state conference, and different ways to get the word out about PA-TSA, so that we can continue to grow. I also believe that I would bring a different view to the state officer team, as I have brought during the years in my school’s chapter team.


Lauren Kim - (S@A)

Hi PA-TSA! I am Lauren Kim, and I am running to be your state sergeant-at-arms. When I first joined TSA, I never knew the amount of dedication it requires to make every aspect of TSA as amazing as it is. After experiencing PA-TSA, I have decided that it is my opportunity to give back to the association that has given me so much. The role of the sergeant-at-arms is to be a doorkeeper and greeter at all events; this job entails a responsibility of reaching out to members. Ever since I was young, I have always loved meeting new people and building new friendships. As sergeant-at-arms, I want to extend an open hand to everyone in PA-TSA. Also, I will work hard to ensure that all conferences are memorable. In addition to competing, receiving a trophy, and leaving, I want members to forge unforgettable memories. To achieve this, I have many new special interest session ideas to make the state conference not only a competition, but a fun-filled adventure! Lastly, I want to be PA-TSA’s sergeant-at-arms so that I can reach out to smaller chapters in Pennsylvania. PA-TSA boasts one of the largest state delegations in the organization, and I want to make sure that every chapter feels comfortable. Through my organization, leadership skills, and creativity, I believe that I can help PA-TSA reach its highest potential. Vote for me for PA-TSA’s 2015-2016 state sergeant-at-arms, and don’t forget: With Lauren Kim, nothing is “KIM”possible!



Caroline Sparrow - (S@A)

I wish to run for Sergeant-at-Arms because I believe in building a stronger Pennsylvania TSA program, giving more outreach to the chapters and creating an impact through team work.  I have served as a Regional Sergeant-at-Arms and was elected Regional President in Virginia but I had to step down due to my move to Pennsylvania.  I am extensive in my knowledge in Parliamentarian Procedure and thoroughly enjoy public speaking. A state Sergeant-at-Arms should be friendly as they serve as door keeper for the organization.  I would be fitting for that due to my extensive work in peer counseling. With my dedication and passion for TSA, I would work hard and be active in serving as an officer.  I have achievable plans for goals that I believe would benefit the organization.  I hope to help expand PA TSA by having more chapters started, work towards financial aid so that more schools can attend state and national conferences, and allowing for more of the delegation’s voice to be heard by making the state officer team more approachable.  I would be a fit candidate for Sergeant-at-Arms because of my love for the organization and my vision for what it could be in the future.



Anthony Troupe - (S@A)

Going into my third year of TSA, I have decided to run for the position of PATSA Sergeant-at-Arms. I have loved TSA since joining in eighth grade and have found myself very involved since. I have dedicated a lot of my time to TSA competitions, and I hope to get the chance to dedicate more of my time to the position of Sergeant-at-Arms for PATSA. My choice to run for this position is driven by the passion I have for this wonderful association. I feel that as Sergeant-at-Arms I would be able to exceed my positions expectations and execute tasks that would benefit the entire association. As Sergeant-at-Arms I feel that it would be my responsibility to help expand PATSA membership and make sure all members have a wonderful time at the State conference. To do so, I plan on taking advantage of social media to publicize PATSA even further as well as expanding on available activities at regional and state conferences. The state conferences in previous years have been enjoyable, but I feel as though more social opportunities that encourage meeting members of other chapters could be added. I also feel that holding a more formal college and career fair would be very helpful to TSA members in planning for their future endeavors, while also helping universities and businesses promote themselves to the future generation of leaders in S.T.E.M. careers. I am grateful for the opportunity to run for PATSA Sergeant-at-Arms and hope to benefit this wonderful organization as a state officer.