PA Logo Design - modified competition

Given the cancellation of this year’s state conference, we were unable to run the PA-TSA Logo Design contest, which is how we determine the logo for the following year’s conference. In order to obtain the logo that will appear on next year’s promotional materials, we are going to run a significantly modified contest. Any TSA member from an affiliated chapter, middle school or high school, can participate. This is an individual contest, no team entries will be accepted. Participants must create and submit a tshirt design, webpage header, and program cover. See the below rules for more specific details. Entries will be judged by the State Conference Planning Team, the winner will be notified, and the selected design will appear on all promotional materials for the 2021 PA-TSA State Conference.


Design should include but is not limited to next year’s TSA theme (Challenge the Process), the TSA logo, the year 2021, and the words Pennsylvania Technology Student Association or Pennsylvania TSA. All three designs should be combined into a single PDF and emailed as an attachment to llapinski [at]<!--style="color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline"-->. Confirmation of entry will be made via email within 48 hours of receipt. Entries are due by: May 26, 2020 at 12PM. 


T-Shirt Design

  • Only the back of the t-shirt will be printed.
  • Maximum size is 11” wide x 17” tall
  • Design should be multicolored with a maximum of 3 color inks


PA-TSA Webpage Header Design

  • Should be a modified layout of the t-shirt design
  • Maximum size of 1” tall x 7.5” wide or ratio of 1:7.5


PA-TSA Conference Program Cover

  • Should be a modified layout of the t-shirt design
  • Maximum size of 3.5” wide x 7.5” tall