NASCAR Reminder to All Chapters!

As the State Conference is fast approaching, there is a lot that is happening! I am just here to give you a few reminders about the awesome Relay for Life event that is happening this year!


  1. Your chapter must raise $25 in order to be entered. If everyone would raise at least that much, we would have over $3,250 to donate to the American Cancer Society

  2. Bring some other decorating materials to make your car stand out! We will be providing some basic materials, but you are encouraged to bring more to make your car as flashy as possible! There will be a prize awarded to the best “dressed” car.

  3. Sometime Thursday bring your money to Stag Pass to register your chapter. The race will be held Friday, but we need to make sure we are organized and ready to go before then.

  4. Decorating your cars! There will be a time before the race when you will have the chance to first make your cars.

  5. The race begins! Two members of your chapter will get “in” your cardboard car and race for the fastest time!

Remember, the top three chapters who raise the most money, and the top three fastest chapters will all receive prizes! We would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to the fight against cancer. Good luck!