Miracle Month Announcement

PA-TSA is excited to announce its month-long community service event, Miracle Month. Miracle Month is a way to promote community service and fundraising for the American Cancer Society over the month of March, with fun activities mixed in. This initiative was created as a means of promoting service and bringing the PA-TSA state delegation together during this time where chapters have been severely limited in their abilities to operate normally.

Over the month of March, PA-TSA’s Instagram account will be heavily active with information regarding community service and the American Cancer Society. These posts are intended to provide information to members for promoting service in their chapters. Miracle Month will feature Service Saturdays, to inform the delegation about general community service. Information about the American Cancer Society itself will be posted on Thursdays.

Miracle Month will additionally feature two challenges for members to participate in. These challenges will be announced on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of March, and will close a week after opening. Challenges will be announced through the PA-TSA Instagram, @pennsylvaniatsa. Submissions will be through a Google form available through the PA-TSA Instagram Linktree as well as right here.                                                                  

A live Zoom session will take place on Sunday, March 28th to conclude Miracle Month. This session will feature a presentation on fundraising and community service, followed by activities to review parliamentary procedure. Please reach out to Julie Wright at sergeant_at_arms [at] patsa.org, Madison Martin at reporter [at] patsa.org, or Arnav Dhingra at treasurer [at] patsa.org with any questions or concerns.