Member-at- Large Nominations

Pennsylvania TSA has three vacancies on the Board of Directors.  All three vacancies are for the Member-At- Large positions.  Traditionally, these are three year term positions with an offset of one year.  The terms for each of these positions will be:

  • 2021-22
  • 2021-23
  • 2021-24

These are nominated positions.  Nominations can be self-appointed, advisors, and community members.  Nominations should be sent to President- Elect Jocelyn Long at jlong [at]  Please include the following information:

  • Nominees Name & Contact Email
  • Relation to PA-TSA (Example:  Parent, Advisor, Administrator)
  • Region or Associated School District

The timeline to fill these vacancies will be:

  • Open Nominations: August 1st- 14th
  • Nomination Verification:  August 15th- 21st
  • Voting:  August 22nd- September 4th.

Good luck to the nominees.